Microsoft’s Windows Remote Desktop Application For iOS And Android

Jaycee De Guzman October 27, 2013 0
Microsoft’s Windows Remote Desktop Application For iOS And Android


Last week, there is a new innovation that Microsoft unveiled to its loyal customers which is called the Windows Remote Desktop application. As suggested by its name, this is the newest development that the said company released to cater those people who are always on the go. Businessmen and women who travel a lot can now access their important files wherever they may be as long as they have their mobile phones with them.

For Android And iOS

Microsoft is making available this Windows Remote Desktop application to all the devices supporting Google Android and Apple iOS mobile operating systems. Users of such devices can download this for free from the Google Play and Apple App Store, respectively. However, if you are using a Windows Phone, there is already a similar software included which can let you operate your desktop even from afar. And although there are already third-party applications on both of these mobile operating systems which offer similar services, this is the first time that Microsoft officially released a native application for its Windows desktop operating system.

Using The Application

Microsoft’s Windows Remote Desktop Application For iOS And AndroidBefore anyone can use the Windows Remote Desktop on their mobile phones and access their files on their personal computers, there are simple steps which need to be done first. The personal computer should also be running the same Remote Desktop application. It will serve as the host which means that it will be through this application that users will be able to access their files. For more information, users can always inquire and check the official website of Microsoft and look for the page regarding this new Windows application.


Application Features

Other than the basic services of the Windows Remote Desktop application, there are also some which add more uniqueness to it. For one, it also includes video as well as music streaming with the same multi-touch experience as if you are using your desktop. However, it seems that there is a special feature that the iOS has but the Android mobile operating system doesn’t. According to the official list of features, the iOS version of the application can be also be used to connect to projectors and external monitors. If the user is having a presentation and wishing to create a display, this is definitely a useful feature. Unfortunately, there is still no official statement whether Android will also have this same service in the following future.

It was only last week when Microsoft released information about the Windows Remote Desktop application and users still have time to download it and update their mobile devices. Unfortunately, some reports are saying that Microsoft intended that this application should only have a minimal promotion – because they don’t want to endorse it to other devices which have a different platform.

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