Pure Jongo T6 – Play Music With The Next Generation Wireless Speaker

Jaycee De Guzman October 27, 2013 0
Pure Jongo T6 – Play Music With The Next Generation Wireless Speaker


Pure is a company based in the United Kingdom which was made famous by its DAB radios. Now, they have just released their new wireless speakers which are called the Pure Jongo T6. From the bold name to its small and sleek design, it is actually just one of the popular wireless gadgets that consumers buy to enhance their experiences in playing music. This review will tell more about its specifications.

Pure Jongo T6 - Play Music With The Next Generation Wireless Speaker

A Respectable Sound For A Cheap Device

On Amazon, the Pure Jongo T6 can be bought at only $349.00 which compared to other brands is fairly cheap and very affordable. If you live in the UK, you can check out the UK website of the same online shopping company and you will find an almost similar price. Positively, in spite of the inexpensive value, this wireless speaker still has the capability to showcase attractive sounds. It is not as refined as the Sonos Play: 5 – which is one of its rivals – but it is able to produce bass sounds with a kick and clear beat. For a party, this wireless speaker will definitely be the best leading choice.


If you have two of these, you can connect it like a stereo. Experts have tried it and they are confident to say that users will not experience audio delays. Even at a medium or low volume, it can showcase left and right splits with clarity and perfection. It is not as good as the Bose Soundlink II but for a mid-range speaker, it definitely works well and decent.

Design, Connectivity And Application

Pure Jongo T6 - Play Music With The Next Generation Wireless SpeakerThe Pure Jongo T6 has a replaceable speaker screen with different colors that include black, white, lime, orange as well as mango. It is only a small addition but it undeniably has the power to steal the show. On the other hand, this wireless speaker supports not only Wi-Fi but also Bluetooth. It can be used to connect with both Apple and Android devices without any kind of hitch. In addition to that, it is also compatible to use with the Pure Connect application which is a library of more than 15 million tracks of music. It is basically free but it also has paid subscription options that users can pick. It streams at 320kbps for an MP3 file.

The Bottom Line

The bad thing about the Pure Jongo T6 is that it can sound excessively loud if the volume is put in the maximum. When it comes to that, it seems that the Sonos Play: 5 is still much better. The other thing is that it looks dull from the outside. This flaw cannot necessarily make or break the user’s decision but it would be much better if it had a more attractive physical look.

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