Samsung Apologizes Regarding Crashing Galaxy S And Note Devices

Jaycee De Guzman October 28, 2013 0
Samsung Apologizes Regarding Crashing Galaxy S And Note Devices


There were a lot of criticisms that were raised since the South Korean company released the Samsung Galaxy S and Note to China. According to consumer complaints, these devices contain faulty chips that made them crash almost every single time that users will open and explore their devices. Last Wednesday, Samsung finally released its official apology.

What Happened?

They said that it was almost 30 times a day that the new Samsung devices crashed because of faulty memory chips. Consumers complained through a 30-minute television report and according to it, both the Galaxy S III and Note II did have some blemishes especially the ones which were sold in China. It was a specific issue which can be solved at a price of $100 but, unfortunately, it was not included in the handset’s warranty boxes.

Samsung’s Response

Samsung Apologizes Regarding Crashing Galaxy S And Note DevicesWhile Samsung figured out the next step, it released its official apology to its loyal customers and even thanked the reporter from the Chinese television show. Not only that, it also added some promises which include free repairs of the devices which were affected by the faulty chips. For those who have already had their handsets repaired, they can take their receipt and ask for the refund of their money. In a similar manner, the company is also willing to replace the handset of the issues and problems persisted even after two sessions with customer service. And for the affected Galaxy S III and Note II, Samsung will also expand its offerings in terms of the warranty of the products. Now, it will have an additional 1 year before it finally expires.


The Asian Market

China is one of the countries in Asia which buys a lot of high-end mobile phones and tablets. The two main brands competing in this country are Samsung and Apple. And just like this series of devices, Apple also experienced some criticisms of its own when it released the iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 4S which had some problems when it comes to the warranty claims and repair. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, also had to apologize to the Chinese people. These days, it is not only the physical looks that are important when selling new products. People are also now looking at how enjoyable their devices will be if they are exploring and playing them in their hands.

Whether or not Samsung will be successful in completely removing the faulty memory chips, we can only hope that something like this won’t happen again. It is important when it comes to marketing because consumers always want to know what the other people are buying. Creating a marketable image is hard these days and everyone has to be really careful.

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