Samsung Has A New Plan For Manufacturing Its Own Eyewear

Jaycee De Guzman October 28, 2013 0
Samsung Has A New Plan For Manufacturing Its Own Eyewear


We all know what Google Glass is and now it seems that Samsung is planning to release a product with similar features. According to patent records, the said company just filed a design of a gadget that looked like the Google Glass. It will be a flagship device which is reported to have the ability to connect with smartphones and other devices through wireless connection.

Rumored Features

There was no enough information yet to completely formulate a theory about how functional this Samsung eyewear will be. Right now, the standard comparison will be based on the Google Glass. According to reliable reports, the said eyewear can be used to play music and even receive phone calls through the built-in earphones which can be found inside the frame of the device.  It is also reported that it gives a complete hands-free control over the mobile phone being used. The sketch specifically showed that the left eyeglass is the one showcasing the small thumbnail display. This feature on Google Glass is displayed on the right eyeglass.

Similarly, we are also not sure if the Samsung eyewear will have Google Glass’ touch control, camera as well as an independent connection to the internet – or will it always needs a smartphone when being used. However, the name of the said device is suggesting that this will be more of a sport gadget than anything else.  This means that it will be more functional when being used outdoors and in different sporty activities. The built-in ear buds were assumed to be specifically made when the user is working out or exercising.


Samsung Has A New Plan For Manufacturing Its Own Eyewear

Samsung’s Response

However, Samsung did not specifically comment on the rumored eyewear that they are planning to manufacture. There are still some questions about the patent that the company filed which remains unanswered. The only thing that we know about it is that the patent was filed by the South Korean company on March 8, 2013.

Other Wearable Devices

On the other hand, we all know that a lot of companies are trying to make their own unique versions of wearable gadgets. Since the technological development of portable devices which are being manufactured and produced every day, it is only appropriate that these companies start investing in such innovation so they could follow the trend. These include watches as well as glasses. Samsung already released its Galaxy Gear along with Sony’s Smartwatch.  Meanwhile, Google is now starting to test the first version of its Glass to at least 10,000 people that it specifically selected. The Glass was first seen on June 2012 and it is believed to have the capacity to capture pictures, videos as well as navigate maps. It can also work without the need of a smartphone to control it.

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