ZTE Avail 2 – Reviewing One Of AT&T’s Latest Mid-Range Handsets

Jaycee De Guzman October 28, 2013 0
ZTE Avail 2 – Reviewing One Of AT&T’s Latest Mid-Range Handsets


While premium mobile phones are being released day-by-day from companies like Apple, Samsung and HTC, mid-range handsets also have their own place in the gadget market. ZTE is one of the companies which is releasing handsets with the exclusive cooperation among telecommunication companies in the United States. For instance, this review will talk about the ZTE Avail 2 which is originally available on AT&T. Now, it is also available on Amazon at $71.22 and without a contract.

ZTE Avail 2 - Reviewing One Of AT&T’s Latest Mid-Range Handsets

Hardware And Software Features

ZTE Avail 2 - Reviewing One Of AT&T’s Latest Mid-Range Handsets

The ZTE Avail 2 is supported by the Google Android 4.1 operating system which is the Jelly Bean version. It allows users to access the standard Android applications which include Play, Chrome, Navigation as well as YouTube. Hit Play and the user can download more applications like games and online media streaming.  On the other hand, this mobile phone’s chipset is a single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 with 1 GHz of clock speed. Obviously, it is not as powerful compared to the premium devices’ CPUs. But, for a mid-range handset, it is enough to cater a speedy performance when doing basic tasks like sending messages, making phone calls and browsing the internet.


Physical Design, Display And Screen

In terms of the design, the ZTE Avail 2 looks appropriately like a budget mobile phone. It is 4.6 inches tall, 2.44 inches wide and 0.45 inches thick. It weighs 4.4 oz and is available in black color. The corners are curvaceous but the ones at the top have smaller curves than the ones at the bottom. There are three touch control buttons at the bottom of the display which measure 3.5 inches diagonally. It has 320 x 480 pixels of screen resolution which goes well with its TFT technology.

Camera And Battery Capacity

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages of owning the ZTE Avail 2. First of all, it has a very low megapixel camera both at the back and front. The back has only 2 megapixels while the front only has VGA quality. We suppose that this is not necessarily a priority of companies when producing mid-range phones with a cheap price. However, the handset’s 1500 mAh battery capacity which is an important factor can only last for about 5 hours of talk time. For a basic mobile handset that can generally just offer basic features, this element must be improved to be more functional.

The Bottom Line

Generally, the ZTE Avail 2 is cheap. It presents the basic features of a mobile phone with decency and respectable quality. If you are willing to put up with its short battery life as well as low camera resolution, you can buy this phone on AT&T or Amazon. Will you check it out?

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