Pentagon: The Department of Defense Is Finalizing Its Plan for a Secure Mobile Device

Sara Cunningham March 1, 2013 0

The modern technology that equips the mobile devices today has reached as far as Pentagon. It announced that very soon, their plan of using secure mobile device will finally take place. The Department of Defense announced on Tuesday that the proposed security mobile device plan is now drafted. The plan includes a partnership with commercial mobile products and applications that focus on security. Both unclassified and classified information will be using such security mobile applications.

This is in relation to the plan that was released a year ago by Pentagon, June 2012. Last year, the plan for the mobile device strategy was stressed out and being studied. The plan was appreciated by military officers and gained positive feedbacks. The need of the collaboration with modern technology on mobile devices and military strategy will help a lot in the battlefield and in any military actions. The military is expecting better results in using the system. One is to establish a certain strategy that will arm the military with solutions that will promise better results.

Pentagon: The Department of Defense Is Finalizing Its Plan for a Secure Mobile Device

A statement was released by Teri Takai, CIO of the Department of Defense and we quote:

“This is not simply about embracing the newest technology. It is about keeping the Department’s workforce relevant in an era when information accessibility and cyber security play a critical role in mission success.”

This confirms that the department is ready to take any measure to keep everything safe despite all the cyber-attacks that happen all the time. Government sectors, such as the Pentagon, are in the top list of cyber-attacks all the time. The plan is to deploy managed mobile units that will be centrally managed by the department. An Army Application Store  will also be launched and a common program that will allow all the members of the military to have a connection to available digital applications. The programs available include the following: NSA’s TIPSPIRAL, DARPA’S Secure iPad, Special Operations Command’s SECRET Blackberry, the Marine’s Trusted Handheld, the 4G/LTE Sea Trial and Navy’s Digital Seabag.

Pentagon also announced that the development of a centralized mobile application store is under development and will still have to audit the total cost it may need. The military will also be capable to maintain their own application store and is expected to deliver platforms for mobile device management. The department should also be using centralized services that are usually provided by DISA or could be GSA.

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