Nokia Lumia 2520 Has More Advantages Over Microsoft Surface 2?

Jaycee De Guzman October 28, 2013 0
Nokia Lumia 2520 Has More Advantages Over Microsoft Surface 2?


The most recent news that people are talking about Nokia is the fact that the company is now manufacturing its first ever tablet computer. Called the Nokia Lumia 2520, it is meant to rival Microsoft’s Surface 2 which has already been released last week. The two tablet computers are both powered by the RT or lightweight version of the Windows operating system. Relatively, there are also reports saying that Microsoft is trying to buy Nokia’s mobile phone business. It is expected that the deal is going to be settled next year.

Nokia’s Advantage

Nokia Lumia 2520 Has More Advantages Over Microsoft Surface 2?According to Qualcomm, which is the main manufacturer of processors that power most devices in the market today, the Nokia Lumia 2520 clearly has more advantages than the Microsoft Surface 2. This specifically tackles the new tablet’s graphics performance, CPU speed, video playback as well as wireless connectivity. Raj Talluri, the senior vice president of Qualcomm’s department for the management of their products, said that Nokia’s first tablet computer is the next level gadget that consumers can buy. He even added that there is even no competition between the two devices because the 2520 is faster and more powerful.


There is a possibility that Raj Talluri is telling a biased perspective. While Qualcomm provided the processor for the Nokia Lumia 2520, it is Nvidia that provided for the Surface 2 by Microsoft. However, if we are going to consider the paper, there might actually be some benefits that the Nokia tablet has. Speed-wise, the Surface 2 only has a 1.7 GHz while the 2520 has an incredible 2.2 GHz clock speed. It can be a better device for gaming and doing graphically demanding tasks.

Windows RT

Like what has been said, both the Nokia Lumia 2520 and Surface 2 will be incorporated with the RT version of Windows OS. Unfortunately, there are some glitches that come with this. It runs less powerful chips but it benefits the masses because it means a lower cost too. In addition, the RT does not require large, heavy and thick devices. Since portability is the trend, this is considered a good thing for some people. Finally, if compared to the full version of Windows 8, the RT also does not support major applications such as iTunes.

Tied Verdict

Unfortunately, we cannot specifically say that the Nokia Lumia 2520 really is a better gadget than Microsoft Surface 2. The reviews that are coming out are only preliminary since the Lumia 2520 is still in the process of production – and is expected to come out before the year ends – while the Surface 2 had just been made available in stores. Until consumers actually buy one of these devices, we just have to speculate on our own.

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