Apple iOS Mavericks Is Affecting Applications And Their Functions

Jaycee De Guzman October 29, 2013 0
Apple iOS Mavericks Is Affecting Applications And Their Functions


Last October 22, Apple finally unveiled to the world its new operating system called iOS Mavericks. It was an exciting day especially for the Apple community and other developers. As a new competition, many companies would want to know what this new version of the OS X is going to offer Mac computers. A few months before the release, there was already a pre-release version of the software that the company was testing. Now, it is available to the worldwide consumers who want to upgrade their computers and make it perform in an improved and more powerful way.

Stealing App Functions

Unfortunately, not all individuals were happy about the release of the iOS Mavericks. For one thing, it is making some applications obsolete. To be more specific, it now has some additional features which can only be seen in particular applications before. You can take the iCloud Keychain which saves passwords in different Apple devices and adding tabs which was previously offered by TotalFinder as some basic examples. Although developers have expected that this might happen along the way, they still are not as prepared as they thought when the operating system was released. In a different statement, however, TotalFinder confirmed in a statement that it still has enough functions that provide more benefit than Apple’s in-built software.

ManyTricks, which is another developer of mobile applications, also got affected by the release of the iOS Mavericks. One of the programs that ManyTricks offers is Moom. This is useful if the consumer wants to display different full screen applications in different display monitors. Unfortunately for this developer, Apple’s new operating system also now have this feature. The positive thing is that ManyTricks is not that worried. Like the team behind the TotalFinder, this developer is confident that its own application can still stand on its own even in this sticky kind of situation.


Different Reactions

Apple iOS Mavericks Is Affecting Applications And Their FunctionsWhile TotalFinder and ManyTricks both sounded almost indifferent in their statements,  AgileBits actually sounded excited. It seems that the creator of the popular 1Password application is looking at the release of iOS Mavericks as an optimistic thing and not as much as a negative one. Even though Apple now has its own iCloud Keychain which basically offers the same feature as the 1Password, the application developer is suggesting that it will only make mobile phone consumers more aware of their security needs. Since Apple is a popular brand, consumers will take it seriously when it says that electronic devices need stronger walls to protect themselves. Positively, 1Password works in operating systems other than the iOS and browsers other than Safari. Sooner or later, internet users will realize how useful it is if they have it in their devices.

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