Google Glass Is Now Available For Purchase On An Invitation Basis

Jaycee De Guzman October 29, 2013 0
Google Glass Is Now Available For Purchase On An Invitation Basis


You heard it right. The flagship eyewear device from Google is now available for purchase at a price of $1,500. However, there is a catch. A few months ago, Google chose 10000 people to test the Google Glass. These individuals are mostly from winners of the contest that the company held as well as expert computer technicians who have enough knowledge about technology and programming. Relatively, Google is now allowing each one of these testers to invite a maximum of three people who want to buy the device.

Invitation Only

Google has actually done this before. If you have witnessed the evolution of its email service which we now know as Gmail, then you would know that the internet brand also invited early testers to use it. This is a strategy that allows them to acquire consumer and first-hand criticism of the products that they are releasing in the market. On the other hand, aside from the invitation, Google is also offering an exchange for their testers who want to own the updated version of the device.

Product Information

Google Glass Is Now Available For Purchase On An Invitation BasisBasically, the Google Glass is an electronic device which functions like a smart mobile phone. The only difference is that it is smaller and needs to be worn like glasses on the head. According to its specification sheet, it has its own speaker, camera which is capable of hands-free control as well as a display screen on the right lens that showcases a thumbnail image. Whether the $1,500 value is too much or reasonable enough, we won’t know until customers actually pulled out their money from their wallets and bought the device.


On a related note, there are reports that the manufacturer is making a less expensive version and planning on releasing it next year. There are no details yet about how much this will cost but we are hoping for a big difference from the original price.

Critics’ Opinion

Even when the hype was all just starting, the Google Glass already earned some criticisms. Since it has a hidden camera, invasion of privacy may be a big concern. There are some people who may not like the fact that they are being filmed without their knowledge. Even a simple picture can create a big disaster because of it. Aside from this, there are critics who are worried that this technology may result to physical distractions. Using the eyewear makes it easier to go online wherever you may be and this may be bad in the general face of the society.

However, Google is saying that this new device is going to give people a more interactive way of talking with each other since they would not have to look down at their smartphones every single time.

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