Galaxy Tab 3 Kids – For Sale on November 10

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Galaxy Tab 3 Kids – For Sale on November 10


Mobile companies have their own ways of attracting more customers to buy their products, but to maintain the loyalty of these customers is a whole different business. To prove this point, Samsung actually just recently launched the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids version which is a toned down version of the premium device that is child-friendly. Most of the time, kids would have to borrow their parents’ tablet just to play games. Now, parents can buy a different handset that their children can use.

Child-Friendly Device

Galaxy Tab 3 Kids - For Sale on November 10The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids has a different look from the original handset where it was modeled. It takes one look and you would immediately know that this is something that a child would want to own for a gadget because of the garish feel. Aesthetically, it sports a bright orange color for the bumper which basically adds some durability in case of some situations where children enthusiastically throw their toys around.


This is a useful feature since the Kids version of the Samsung tablet is also an educational tool. It is a good thing that it has the appropriate technical specifications like an Android operating system, HD display screen and a fast and powerful processor. However, the most important features that experts consider are the general functionalities that it is capable of. It should be an all-around device which is portable and easy to use.

Apps And Features

There are previous news articles which reported that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids will have the in-built applications that it needs. These will include educational tools as well as child-friendly games which any kid will definitely enjoy using. The user interface is also tweaked a little bit. The complicated parts and unnecessary elements were removed to use it easily.

Positively, Samsung did not forget to incorporate parental control. This group of settings will allow parents to manage their children’s gadgets especially in terms of browsing the internet and limited use. There is a feature that will automatically turn the device off if it detected non-stop gaming for at least 90 minutes.

Official Release

Last Monday, it was announced that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids will be officially made available in stores on November 10 with a price tag of $299. Some owners of premium gadgets are saying that it is too expensive but we still have to see if this will necessarily affect the sales of the device. According to the manufacturer, this is not just a toy for children. Through the “normal mode”, owners can access and use it like a normal Samsung tablet. They only need the PIN that the device will provide.

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