Motorola teams up with PhoneBloks, officially announces ‘Project Ara’

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Motorola teams up with PhoneBloks, officially announces ‘Project Ara’


Google owned Motorola has come officially announced a new project that will change the world of smartphones forever. The company has teamed up with Dave Hakkens, the man behind the Phonebloks concept and has come up with Project Ara.

Now if you are wondering who Dave Hakkens is and what Phonebloks is, you will be happy that you landed on this page! The reason for the same is because ‘Project Ara’ is the dream project that a number of consumers might be dreaming of everyday, then just kept on thinking that it is not possible! But guess what, it actually might be possible to implement it!


PhoneBloks is a concept by Dave Hakkens. It involves the use of small blocks that can be joined together in order to build a smartphone of your choice. Just think of it as playing with Lego pieces, but instead of ending up with a car or a building, you actually end up with a smartphone of your choice!

This concept seems very interesting, but at the same time is a little difficult to implement. Not only will it need a lot of money, but the fact that consumers could simply swap pieces when they feel like doing so sounds like an idea that will need a lot of technical work to be done.

Project Ara

Motorola has taken up the task to make PhoneBloks into a reality, and in an attempt to do so have come up with Project Ara. Motorola is working with Dave Hakkens, the man behind the plan and want to allow consumers to have the best smartphone experience in the form on PhoneBloks.

By the way, if you have been following the Motorola Moto X right from the time when the smartphone was just known as Motorola X, then this is the dream that you must have had in mind. Because it was believed that the Motorola X (now Motorola Moto X) would allow consumers to customize the device at a level that had never been done before!

It was believed that consumers would be able to choose the display size, chipset, battery size and many other specs and features of the smartphone. Many consumers were excited about having a huge capacity battery, many dreamt of combining multiple brands in order to get the best camera experience, many dreamt of using the best chipset available in the market!

But when the Motorola Moto X was actually unveiled, it was clear that the level of customization was low. Consumers could only choose the external appearance and material of the handset. The internal hardware parts were the same, so no special battery, no special camera and no out of the world chipset.

New Beginning

motorola ara 2
If you were looking forward to a completely customizable smartphone, and were disappointed with the Motorola Moto X, the finally have good news for you! Motorola has already started working on that concept and a result of the same, the company has come up with Project Ara.

Consumers should keep in mind that Project Ara is a modular phone concept that is still being worked on. Motorola has just presented the concept to us; it has not been implemented yet! This new project will definitely become a reality one day, but for now it is just an open opportunity.

Once implemented, with the help of Project Ara, you will be able to customize your smartphone as and when you want. You can replace the chipset, internal storage, camera and almost anything and everything you can think of. You just have to keep the chassis, everything else can be swapped.

To make this sound really interesting, think of your smartphone as a customizable car! You can change the doors, the engine, add turbo, change the spoiler, slap on some vinyls and do almost everything you want in order to customize it! You can tune it to be more fast in performance, more light in weight or more efficient with a huge battery backup.

You will be happy to know that Motorola has been working on Project Ara since a year now. So it seems that the company did not directly adapt the idea of PhoneBloks, but might have integrated it later. The company will soon be sending invites to developers in order to ask them to develop modules for Project Ara. Motorola is expected to roll out an alpha version of the Module Developer’s Kit sometie in Winter this year.

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