Samsung’s Demand for STM’s Wireless Devices Is Expected to Increase

Sara Cunningham March 1, 2013 0

STM or STMicroelectronics Company is in the middle of finishing its final wrap up on the idea of exiting the wireless market. The company, which is based in Geneva, has already confirmed that they will finally stop creating wireless devices for mobile brands. It will venture into a different market that is set to be in demand in a few years from now. Samsung and Apple are the two giants that get its wireless supplies from the company. This is definitely a bad news for the companies that depend the life of its devices on STM.

Samsung’s Demand for STM’s Wireless Devices Is Expected to Increase

Samsung and Apple’s demands for wireless devices are predicted to rise because of the STM’s decision. Its demand for the products might increase its $1.4 billion average sales. According to a statement by the head of “mems” (micro-electro mechanical systems), Mr. Benedetto Vigna, stated that the company is now focusing into the plans of venturing into a different market. The company is in the middle of reviewing contracts to partner with several leading brands. The new market is set to develop a new stepping stone in mobile generation, which is to create the touchless mobile devices.

Samsung and other companies might also be having the same plans like STM. Once STM has created the feature, these companies will definitely start patronizing it from them. STM is looking forward to a greener pasture to be the first one to produce supplies to create a touchless phone. From the word itself, a touchless phone will respond and follow commands in just one hover of a hand. In this innovation, the company’s sales can increase up to 19% a year that will sum up to $20 billion sales come year 2016.The company also confirmed its exit in ST-Ericsson, which its clients include Samsung, Apple, Nokia and BlackBerry.

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