Motorola fans and consumers, get ready or the Motorola Moto G smartphone!

Heidi Speare October 31, 2013 0
Motorola fans and consumers, get ready or the Motorola Moto G smartphone!


We have an interesting update for Motorola fans and consumers who have been following the news about a new cost friendly version of the Motorola Moto X. It seems that the company has already up come with a name and will soon be unveiling the new smartphone – the Motorola Moto G!

There have already been a number of rumors which suggested that Motorola will soon come up with an economic version of the Motorola Moto X. That time, we did not know what name it would have and what specs it will have, but now we at least have an idea about the name. This new smartphone will most probably be called the Motorola Moto G.

The name Motorola Moto G made an appearance on the company’s official website just besides the Motorola Moto X. Taking this point into consideration, it would be safe to assume that the Moto X and Moto G are some how related. And if this assumption is correct, then consumers will soon be able to get a new Moto smartphone for as low as $199, that too SIM-free and unlocked!

motorola moto g

But in order to cut down cost, Motorola will have to make a lot of changes to the Motorola Moto G. For starters, we think that there will be very less or no customization options. You might have a replaceable back cover that will be available in different colors, but nothing more than that. Even the internal storage space might be reduced to 8GB and the display size and screen resolution might be the next to be affected.

We hope that Motorola is able to use the same X8 architecture on the Motorola Moto G. This way, even though consumers might not have high capacity storage or a high performance camera, they will still be able to get the best performance out of their smartphone. And that’s what matters the most, to have a smartphone that can deliver speed and performance and is affordable at the same time.

We all know that the Motorola Moto X is one of the best smartphones that the company has to offer. In spite of having a dual-core processor and a 720p display resolution, the device has been placed in the next-gen smartphones section! Many consumers still do not agree with this and say that the smartphone should have had better specs (quad-core processor and 1080p display resolution).

But there are many other consumers who love the Motorola X8 architecture and hence love the Motorola Moto X. Even the second point is quite justifiable, having a 720p display instead of a 1080p one will not harm you in any way! Human eyes can hardly tell the difference in clarity and performance of these two screen resolutions. But using a 720p display reduces a lot of workload for the CPU and GPU as there are very less pixels to display and refresh every time.

So to be honest, we are not sure what the Motorola Moto G will be like. But we expect Motorola to ensure that consumers get a quality product at an affordable price. And if you are interested in the Motorola Moto G, also remember that you will be able to get an almost stock version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, which we believe will be at the heart of the smartphone.

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