Some Apple iPhone 5S units have a battery issue, we are ready to help says Apple

Jasmina Lozevska October 31, 2013 0
Some Apple iPhone 5S units have a battery issue, we are ready to help says Apple

If you recently purchased an Apple iPhone 5S and are wondering why your cellphone battery keeps on draining every now and then, we have the potential answer for you. Apple has officially confirmed that there might be battery related issues in a few iPhone 5S units!

Now if you think that your iPhone 5S has a battery issue, be sure that the issue has not come up because of some mishandling. All we are trying to say is that the battery problem exists only in a few iPhone units due to problems that go way back to the manufacturing process. So if your phone happens to be one of those, then Apple will be happy to help you by giving you a replacement handset.

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The Battery Problem
Just because you read about this post, we hope you do not start thinking that your iPhone 5S has a battery problem! We need you to know what the problem is and how it affects consumers. The iPhone 5S units facing this problem will suffer abnormal battery drain. You might also face problems while charging the battery, as it might take a lot more time to charge compared to your friend’s iPhone 5S.

So here is a list of problems that you might be facing, if you have a defective iPhone 5S:

  • Battery recharge takes a lot of time
  • Quick battery drain
  • Reduced endurance

The Problem Confirmed
Talking about the battery problem for the iPhone 5S, Apple accepted this fact and said that the problem occurred due to a manufacturing issue. Talking to The New York Times, Apple said that a small number of iPhone 5S units have been affected by this problem.

An Apple spokesperson acknowledged the problem and said a ‘ very limited number’ of units have been affected. But when talking to The New York Times, Apple said that this number is in a few thousands.

But if you have been facing this problem, you do not need to worry at all. Apple already knows about the problem and has started reaching out to consumers who have purchased these affected handsets. You can also contact your nearest Apple store or the retailer from where you purchased the phone in order to try and get the issue resolved. Apple will be giving a replacement device to such consumers and we hope that the company takes care that this does not happen again in the future.

The company has recently unveiled the Apple iPad Air and retina display equipped iPad Mini. We hope that the company has taken care about these two devices and will ensure that there are no manufacturing issues that might end up causing similar problems.

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