The Microsoft Surface Tablet RT Version Finally Lands in Japan

Sara Cunningham March 1, 2013 0

The Microsoft Surface Tablet is set to conquer Asia very soon. Japan is in its top list, as reports have been confirmed that the device may be available in Japan, anytime next month. This was a story from the Nikkei news service that was then published by Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch. Microsoft is very optimistic in distributing its products very soon in Asia. It should take a lot of courage for the company to promote a product in a place which is considered to have technology at its very best.

Surface Tablet is confirmed to be available in Japan the soonest possible time. But then no specific date for the launch has been announced yet. It was a confirmation to CNET given to them by one of the spokespersons of Microsoft. An official statement was released and is quoted:

“As part of our phased approach to Surface availability, Surface will be coming to Japan in the near future.”

Feedback from Japanese consumers is anticipated about the Surface Tablet any time after its launch. The Surface RT edition is the one planned to be available in Japan. It is the version that can cater several applications like the Internet Explorer 10 and Microsoft Office RT. The following applications remain to be available only to the Windows Application Store. Although an updated version of the Windows 8 tablet may be out soon, this is without any confirmation yet.

The Surface Tablet has two kinds and only differ in its built-in memory storage. The tablet with a built-in memory of 32 GB has a prestige price of $499 in America. This model may cost a little bit higher when converted to Japan currency, which may cost up to 50,000 yen or $531. Microsoft is currently trying to dominate the world of tablet PCs. Despite its big time competitors such as Samsung, Apple and Google, the company remains to stay in control and focused on making it to the top.

The Microsoft Surface Tablet RT Version Finally Lands in Japan

The RT version of the device was officially launched last year in the month of October. It was first introduced in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, mainland China, Germany and France. The RT version of the tablet was reported to be on sale in 13 countries in this year’s Valentine’s Day – February 14. It went on sale in the entire Europe, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland and also in Austria.

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