Some Tips On Installing Apple’s OS X Mavericks Successfully

Jaycee De Guzman November 1, 2013 0
Some Tips On Installing Apple’s OS X Mavericks Successfully


It was just a few days ago when Apple released its new operating system which is the OS X Mavericks. It is the next generation software after the OS X which was the one running most of the Mac devices. Now, users can buy Mac with this new software already incorporated or update their device’s operating system on their own. However, there are some issues which are preventing users in installing it successfully. Here are some tips that could help.

Restart Your System

If you are still downloading the OS X Mavericks from the Mac App Store and it suddenly stopped progressing, the best thing to do is restart your computer. After restarting everything, you should not start downloading again right away. Since the software had just been released, people around the world are also just starting to download it. This happens in a lot of software releases and it would be better to start your download at a much later time.

Reboot Hard Drive

Some Tips On Installing Apple’s OS X Mavericks SuccessfullyThe second issue that Apple clients are complaining about the OS X Mavericks is the error message from the hard drive that prevents them from starting the installation in the first place. The error is mostly because of the faults that the installer found in your Mac. To get rid of this, reboot the OS X by pressing Command-R immediately at startup. From there, open the Disk Utility to run the disk repair routine. After that, all errors should be fixed and you can start the installation once again.


Quit And Start Again

There is also a chance that you might experience a snag when installing OS X Mavericks. Sometimes during installation, progress may stop. The first thing that you need to do when this happens is to wait. It is normal for installers to undergo with something like this in the middle of the process and, sometimes, the progress resumes after a few minutes. However, if there is nothing happening even after an hour, this is the time to quit the installer. You are going to force-quit it and then after that, restart the computer. When you think that you are ready to install again, click the installer.

Some Risks To Remember

There are possibilities that installing the OS X Mavericks may not be successful at all when you do it the first time. It will not damage your Mac but you may need to recover OS X before starting the installation of the new one. You can either restore it from backup or use the installer tool. If you don’t have enough knowledge when it comes to these kinds of things, better contact your technician so he or she can do it for you.

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