Sky+ HD Wi-Fi – The Specs And Review Of The New Satellite Box

Jaycee De Guzman November 1, 2013 0
Sky+ HD Wi-Fi –  The Specs And Review Of The New Satellite Box


Finally, Sky has incorporated automatic internet connectivity to its HD boxes. The latest Sky+ HD Wi-Fi, which came out one month ago, now has a built-in wireless connectivity and Ethernet port. According to reports, this will be the standard box for new customers that will avail of the services of the said satellite broadcaster. Meanwhile, the existing clients can also upgrade to this new box technology if they would ever want to.

Sky+ HD Wi-Fi -  The Specs And Review Of The New Satellite Box

Physical Design

The new Sky+ HD Wi-Fi looks familiarly like its previous models. Measuring at 346 mm x 255 mm x 73 mm of dimension, this new box looks both sleek and smart in black. The front is a curve where the indicators can be found while it also comes with its own remote control. At the back, all the standard ports such as HDMI, USB 2.0, I/O port as well as phono sockets for audio and video output are located. The sides are accented with silver and horizontal lines that add a sturdy feel to the entire unit. Users can put it under their television without occupying too much space. It also only weighs 4.1 kg as a packaged box.


Basic Features

Sky+ HD Wi-Fi -  The Specs And Review Of The New Satellite BoxIn terms of the memory, the Sky+ HD Wi-Fi packs 500GB for its hard disk and 250 GB for the personal storage. This is equal to at least 60 hours of HD content. The most popular videos that the company offers are automatically placed in the personal storage space. If the consumer needs more than the allotted number, he or she can also avail the 2 TB model of the same box.

On the other hand, it remains important that this review also tackles the picture quality of the latest Sky unit. This is evidently one of the most important features that consumers always want in their homes. The Sky+ HD Wi-Fi, according to existent reviews, can provide a home cinema experience without unnecessary and operational noises. It is quiet but with the built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, it can deliver audio output with an emphasis and clarity.


On the other hand, the Sky+ HD Wi-Fi is specifically offering 67 high-definition channels that consumers can browse. It can also display 3D content without paying an added cost. Of course, downloading television and movie content is also possible as long that there is a reliable internet connection around. Since Netflix has taken away attention especially now that multimedia is again reaching the peak, Sky made sure that they upgrade the user experience in this new unit to maintain their own customers. It is available with contract at the official Sky website.

Are you a loyal Sky customer? Will you upgrade your old box to the new Sky+ HD Wi-Fi?

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