ZTE Overture Z995 – The Advantages And Disadvantages

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ZTE Overture Z995 – The Advantages And Disadvantages


Aio Mobile is a prepaid service company and lower arm of the popular network carrier AT&T. One of the smartphones that it is offering is the ZTE Overture Z995 which a mid-range handset but with an included 4G LTE connectivity. Available in the official store of Aio Mobile, consumers can acquire this mobile phone for only $74.99 which is a definite bargain. As expected, this device looks quite simple and almost generic but the following review will tell you more about its impressive specifications.

ZTE Overture Z995 - The Advantages And Disadvantages

A Comfortably Fast Phone

Even though it looks like most of the mid-range handsets in the market, the ZTE Overture Z995 is comfortably sturdy and strong. The back shell which covers the battery is made with a pattern that adds an interesting feel to the monotonous black color. It measures 4.88 inches x 2.58 inches x 0.46 inches and only weighs 4.53 oz. Meanwhile, the front has three touch buttons along with a silver ring that is a unique addition to the home screen.

When it comes to the hardware, this mobile phone sports a dual-core Qualcomm MSM8930 processor with 1.2 GHz of clock speed. According to the standard tests that experts ran, this chipset is powerful enough to cater its services in a fast way. With an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, there are sure to have a lot of applications in this mobile phone that users can explore.


Volume And Camera Quality

ZTE Overture Z995 - The Advantages And DisadvantagesUnfortunately, the ZTE Overture Z995 has problems when it comes to its call quality. When it was tested, voices accumulate high pitches that make it sound unnatural. As a mid-range handset, its manufacturer should have prioritized this basic specification more than the others. Aside from that, when the volume of the handset is set at the maximum, it tends to get too loud and distorted.

On the other hand, this phone’s primary camera has a decent quality of 5 megapixels with its own auto focus. The glitch comes at the camera at the front which only has 1 megapixel. Although this is not a deal-breaker, it still would be so much better if the user can take clearer and more detailed self-portraits.

The Bottom Line

The ZTE Overture Z995 is cheap for a device with 4G LTE connectivity. Not only that, it also supports GPS navigation, GSM, Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. Evidently, the fact that this mobile phone can also showcase some respectable features makes it a total giveaway. Even the battery life of 9.5 hours is better than other handsets out there. Unfortunately, these impressive features also come with a price. The call quality could have been better as well as the volume.

Is the ZTE Overture Z995 too powerful for its inexpensive price?

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