Sony Xperia Z is Opening Its Doors to Other Operating Systems

Sara Cunningham March 2, 2013 0

Sony launched its Xperia Z in the European market during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The devices also were on sale in Japan a month ago and assured the consumers that it will be available again in another 60 countries. In France, it was confirmed that the online stores doubled in sales than the sales made in two weeks. The devices have a price tag of 649 euros in Europe and seem to be accepted by the crowd. A confirmation made by Calum MacDougall, the head of the Xperia marketing.

Sony’s Xperia Z is said to set the presence of the company in the market of mobile devices. Sony already has a number of Android devices that have been recognized in different parts of the world. This is one way of Sony to find a solution to its loss in the television market in the last years. It is said that following the trend will always be a chance for every mobile brand. According to the head of Xperia marketing, there have been great results and positive feedbacks since the launch of the devices. It has also affirmed that it might just be too early to set very high expectations.

Sony Xperia Z is Opening Its Doors to Other Operating Systems

Sony also introduced its Xperia Z tablet which was presented as a dust-free and water resistant mobile device. It is only 6.9 mm thin and weighs less than a pound. It’s a 10.1 inch tablet and features its PlayStation Gaming Services. The devices are set to be on sale this spring season. Behind all the good news, the company is still facing a very hard competition with the leading brands like Apple and most of all, Samsung Electronics, that gained its shares of 22.7% sales in the mobile market. The Xperia series are all Android devices but Sony is very open to other operating systems like Windows 8 of Microsoft and Mozilla’s Firefox OS. In fact, on Monday, the company is scheduled to meet with Telefonica to discuss possibilities of featuring Mozilla OS powered devices.

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