Android operating system is once again the leading smartphone OS in the world – has an 81 percent share!

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Android operating system is once again the leading smartphone OS in the world – has an 81 percent share!


Android smartphone and tablets consumers will be happy to know that the operating system powering their smart devices is still the most used mobile operating system in the entire world. Recent analysis confirm that Android now has more than 81 percent of the total share during Q3 of 2013, becoming the most used OS once again.

Recent analysis reports from Strategy Analytics give out the global smartphone shipments for the third quarter of this year. The analysis says that in this period of three months, more than 251 million smartphones were shipped in the entire world. This definitely is a huge number, and has added a huge chunk of users to the Android eco-system and a considerable number of users to the Apple eco-system.

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Now let us talk about some real numbers! In Q3 of 2012, a total of 172.8 million smartphones were shipped all over the world. Compare this number to the figure of 2013 and you will see that there has been a 45 percent increase in the demand for smartphones! The analysis also said that a major reason for this growth in shipments is because of the ‘robust demand’ for Android and Windows Phone devices in Europe and Asia.

Out of these 251 million smartphones, Android took the largest share with a percentage of 81! So the total number of Android devices shipped worldwide comes out to be 204.4 million, meaning that every 4 out of 5 smartphones shipped in Q3 of 2013 were Android based. If you try adding this huge number to the already existing Android user base (which is already huge), the result will be astonishing!

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And as you must have already guessed, after Android it was Apple that got the second place with a total of 33.8 million units being shipped. This number accounts for about 13.4 percent. Apple has had a very good come back with the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Now that the holiday season is almost here, the company has even better expectations for the final quarter of this year. The company might be able to surpass its current sales figures, but its too early to comment on that.

But there was something interesting that happened with respect to Microsoft and Blackberry, some good news and some bad news. Last year in Q3, only about 3.7 units of Windows Phone smart devices were shipped worldwide. But this year, that number has more than doubled and reached a total of 10.2 million! So it means that Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS has had a 178 percent increase in user base. Microsoft Windows Phone 8 devices, especially the Nokia Lumia series of smartphones has had an increase in demand in regions like Europe, Asia and the US. The platform has still not been able to perform good in regions like Japan, South Korea and Africa.

On the other hand, Blackberry has faced another downfall. The company was able to hardly ship about 2.5 million devices compared to the 7.5 million units that the company sold in Q3 last year. That’s three times less, and as a result, things are even worse for the Canadian smartphone manufacturer. Last year in Q3, Blackberry had 4.3 percent of the total share but this year the number has come down to mere 1 percent.

We have the chart here for you. You can take a look at the sales figures in percentage for Q3 of last year and this year. You will clearly be able to see how the different companies have been doing and the chart will help you make better decisions. Next time, when you go out there to get a smartphone for yourself, be sure to remember this chart because you will want to be on the winning side!

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