Smartphone Review – Virgin Mobile Awe

Jaycee De Guzman November 3, 2013 0
Smartphone Review – Virgin Mobile Awe


Another mid-range mobile phone that consumers can buy in stores is the ZTE N800. Also known as the Virgin Mobile Awe, this handset is exclusively distributed by the said network carrier in the United States. Available at a starting price of $99.99, we can expect that this mobile phone can deliver respectable specifications which are reasonable enough for its price. However, it seems that experts and consumers are saying otherwise. Let us find out if this is true.

Smartphone Review - Virgin Mobile Awe

Connectivity And Call Quality

It is important to mention first of all that the Virgin Mobile Awe has no LTE connectivity and only supports 3G. Nevertheless, it is a good thing that the data speed that it delivers is considerably fast and steady. According to a reliable test, the download and upload speed are 0.16 Mbps and 0.54 Mbps, respectively. On a related note, this also helps the call quality of this mobile phone. When tested using its native network carrier, there were no dropped calls that happened and voices did not accumulate distracting buzzes. The volume is adequate enough to hear the person talking on the other line.


Hardware And Camera Feature

Smartphone Review - Virgin Mobile AweThe disadvantages about the Virgin Mobile Awe comes from its slow processor and low resolution camera feature. Maybe this is okay for a mid-range handset but we are also considering its monetary value. Unfortunately, ZTE was only able to incorporate a 1.2 GHz processor. With an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, this number is not exactly enough to power all applications without experiencing some sluggishness and slow speed. Meanwhile, the primary camera only has 5 megapixels. And even though it has an LED flash and auto focus, its captured images looked washed and unimpressive. The same goes with the secondary camera with only 1 megapixel quality

Additional Specifications

In terms of the other technicalities, the Virgin Mobile Awe measures 4.96 inches x 2.56 inches x 0.41 inches and weighs 4.4 oz. The diagonal screen size is 4 inches which exhibits the 480 x 800 pixels of resolution. Aside from 3G, this mobile phone also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a GPS navigation. Finally, the battery capacity is 1650 mAh which can last up to 11 hours of average use.

The Final Verdict

For a $99.99 mid-range mobile handset, the Virgin Mobile Awe is perfectly priced. Consumers can buy it if a simple phone works for them. However, if they are looking for a faster electronic device with more features than the basic ones that it has, then they should probably look somewhere else.

Is the Virgin Mobile Awe a worthy investment for you? What’s your experience regarding this gadget?

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