Apple iPad Air – The Tempting Features Of The Fast And Light Tablet

Jaycee De Guzman November 3, 2013 0
Apple iPad Air –  The Tempting Features Of The Fast And Light Tablet


Apple’s latest iPad has a new name and from the first mention of it, we can already have some ideas of the things that it can offer. Taking its specification sheet into consideration, it is safe to say that the Apple iPad Air has some impressive features that consumers are definitely tempted to try. This is a fifth generation tablet that will most probably outweigh its predecessors. On Friday, its manufacturer will start rolling out batches for specific retail stores where it will be available to buy. This will come along with the iPad Mini with Retina Display.

A Superior And Dominating Tablet

Obviously, it is not a surprise when marketing strategists and gadget experts declared that the Apple iPad Air is one superior device. In the tablet industry, it is competing against other brands like Samsung, Sony, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Motorola and others more. Compared to all of them, the Air was still able to dominate in terms of its application support and efficient navigation. However, we must admit that there are also features that these numbers of companies offer that Apple does not. They have their own unique takes for every device that they release and noticeably, the gap in between is getting smaller and smaller.


The New And Lightweight Air

Apple iPad Air -  The Tempting Features Of The Fast And Light TabletApple incorporated “Air” as the main identity of its latest iPad because it is so far the lightest and thinnest tablet that they ever manufactured. This led to some rumors and speculations that there will come a time in the future that the said company may release an iPad Pro but, of course, they did not comment on that. Specifically, the Apple iPad Air measures 9.4 x 6.6 x 0.29 inches which means that it is thinner by at least 20 percent than the previous model. When testers held it in their hand, they cannot help but be impressed that this same device also only weighs 1 pound. If we compare, the fourth generation model of the iPad weighs 1.4 pounds and this makes a huge difference.

Additional Specifications And Details

In terms of the internal elements of the Apple iPad Air, its manufacturer also incorporated a few modifications that improved its performance. With an A7 chip, the processor has twice the power of the old model while the wireless connectivity now has a supplementary boost. Positively, there are a few gaming applications which were specifically enhanced to maximize this feature. These include Apple’s natives such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iPhoto as well as iMovie. For those individuals who are interested, these applications are all free for any purchase of iOS 7 devices like the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Air and Mini with retina display.

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