Barnes & Noble And A New Version Of The Nook E-Book Reader

Jaycee De Guzman November 3, 2013 0
Barnes & Noble And A New Version Of The Nook E-Book Reader


When the book company started to join the technology business, it experienced some unluckily difficulties in maintaining its sales. To try and gain more customers, Barnes & Noble will unfold a new version of its flagship Nook e-book reader. This will have a similar black and white display but with the unique addition of a glowing screen. As the holiday season is coming near, the book company is expecting that this will change their future in the digital industry.

Product Update

Barnes & Noble And A New Version Of The Nook E-Book ReaderBarnes & Noble basically look at this new product as an update of the previous e-book reader that they released one year ago. In terms of the new and added features, the 2013 Nook will have a clearer display as well as a more portable weight. Specifically, this will be a very functional device for people who like to read at night. Even though a lot of gadget consumers are switching to multifunction tablets, the executives of the book company are confident that the Nook is still a product on demand. Since it is a simple device, it will cater those individuals who want to focus more on reading than other activities that other tablets in the market offer.


Loyal Customers

The new version of the Nook is competing against Amazon’s Kindle lineup. On the other hand, Michael P. Huseby, who is the current president of Barnes & Noble as well as Nook Media, admitted that e-book readers are not selling as fast as they did when they were first introduced a few years ago. However, the new version of Nook is specifically targeting the loyal customers of the book company. For the individuals who value the services of their brand, this is the perfect product that they should use.

Release And Price

According to Barnes & Noble, this Nook with a backlit screen will be available in stores before the holidays. This is the perfect time that the company, as well as other booksellers and publishers, is expecting an increase in their sales. Consumers can buy it for $199 which is the similar price of Kindle Paperwhite. Unfortunately, there are no plans yet if the book company will manufacture a colored tablet in the next future. They can do it but, right now, they are still focusing on the present devices that they have in the market.

Apparently, the Barnes & Noble bookstore is the biggest chain in the United States with retail stores that already reached 674 in number. Their old Nook is still being sold in the market and so consumers can choose whether they want this or new one. Both devices are said to have long battery life which is perfect for a long time reading.

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