Japanese Magazine Publish Rumors About Apple iPhone 6

Jaycee De Guzman November 3, 2013 0
Japanese Magazine Publish Rumors About Apple iPhone 6


Seriously, if this is not what being a gadget addict means, we don’t know what is. It is not even a few months since the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were released and there are already reports speculating what Apple’s forthcoming mobile phone will look like. Obviously, the device is going to be called iPhone 6 and according to Mac Fan, the Japanese magazine that started it all, it may have a full 1080p HD display with Retina. Even the launch date was predicted to be on September next year.

What Are We Expecting?

Japanese Magazine Publish Rumors About Apple iPhone 6Other than the major feature that was already mentioned, the Apple iPhone 6 is said to showcase 5 inches of diagonal screen size – which will make it a little bit larger than its future predecessor. This also means that it will compete against the Google Nexus 5 which also had just been released a few days ago.

However, according to Yahoo! News, there is no official word yet about how Apple is going to develop its future mobile phone. We don’t want to disappoint but this is generally expected of the company since they have just released a few of their latest devices including the iPad Air and Mini with Retina display. On the other hand, the predicted launch date was derived from the pattern of iPhone’s previous releases. And considering the features that the company may incorporate, they might need at least a year to develop and innovate the iPhone 6.


Looks Definitely Matter

While specifications are the important elements that consumers need to consider when buying any electronic device, the aesthetic side of things is also just as interesting. The iPhone 5S had gold, gray and white colors while the iPhone 5C had a variety of pastel shades. It made the headlines when this information was just introduced to us a few months ago. And so, we can expect that loyal customers of Apple will be dying to know the next look that will be integrated in their future mobile handset. There are even surveys conducted just to determine which color consumers prefer.

The Battle Of The Best

Regardless of the ability of iPhone 6 to surprise consumers, Apple needs to make sure that they are going to be more competitive than Samsung. The latest reports say that Samsung is squeezing its rival with its increase in sales and revenue. In the Q3 of 2013, Samsung is said to have sold at least 88.4 million units of its own smartphones – which is a record that ultimately beat most of its rival companies. Generally, Samsung’s share in terms of the global market is reported to have increased to 2.5 percent – which is now more than 35 percent.

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