Microsoft Windows 8.1 – Do You Experience Mouse Problems While Gaming?

Jaycee De Guzman November 4, 2013 0
Microsoft Windows 8.1 – Do You Experience Mouse Problems While Gaming?


Among the current operating systems that we have today is Microsoft Windows 8.1 that greatly rivals Apple iOS, which has been recently updated to Mavericks. On the other hand, last October, the Windows 8.1 OS was introduced. Since then, non-stop problems also kept on hitting its manufacturer. Before, there were issues regarding Microsoft’s software incompatibility and an outdated firmware. Now, users of the Windows 8.1 are complaining about the problems that they are experiencing when gaming. Apparently, it has something to do with the mouse.

Jumping Cursors

According to reports by the tech website called PCWorld, the irritating jitters of the mouse is the main problem of the operating system. It seems that the Microsoft Windows 8.1 is making cursors act all weird and strange. It jumps forward and backward instantaneously and the physical distance when the mouse is being moved does not equate with the distance displayed on the screen. In addition to that, the mouse’s “polling frequency” is also not enough which means that the reaction as well as the speed of the cursor is also affected. This causes lags and general slow performance.


Gaming Concerns

Microsoft Windows 8.1 - Do You Experience Mouse Problems While Gaming?The mentioned mouse problems are what several consumers are currently complaining about when they are playing particular games using the Microsoft Windows 8.1 OS, says the company’s support web site. One user who shall remain anonymous upgraded the software of his device and although downloading and installing the upgrade went all smooth, the problem arrived when he started playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2. He was not able to finish the game because the mouse became sluggish and lagged. What’s worse is that when he was using Windows 8, everything was working well.

Company Response

Thankfully, Microsoft was quick in addressing this problem. On Wednesday, an official from the company posted that there are a number of solutions that users can try to fix these particular issues. However, before that, they first thanked their “gaming community” for the response that they got and promised that an official fix will come as soon as possible. According to Microsoft, there are many possible reasons why the mouse problems are occurring. This is because most of the users who complained all reported different problems when playing different games. The company, hence, is suggesting to Microsoft Windows 8.1’s users to just be patient and continue on checking their website for updates.

Of course, we appreciate Microsoft’s concern for its users but we are also hoping that they will be true to their word. The Microsoft Windows 8.1 is an impressive software and it would be a shame to kick it to the curb that easily.

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