Microsoft Windows XP – Why You Should Never Use This OS Again

Jaycee De Guzman November 4, 2013 2
Microsoft Windows XP – Why You Should Never Use This OS Again


One of the legacy operating systems that Microsoft ever produced is the Windows XP. It was the flagship software before we even had Windows 7, Vista and 8. Unfortunately for the individuals who are still using it, Microsoft is urging you to upgrade to the new OS versions. Unless there are valid reasons which tell you to remain using the Microsoft Windows XP, then you should still keep on monitoring it as carefully as you can. This is because, according to security experts, the Windows XP is still a target when it comes to cyber threats and malware.

Malware Infections

The additional information provided by Redmond is saying that the possibility that your Windows XP will be infected by malware will increase by at least two-thirds after April 8. This report made headlines when the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report included it in their analysis about cyber threats in countries numbering to more than a hundred. Aside from this, the report also emphasized risks which unsupported software may get.

If you can still remember, other versions of the company’s operating systems which also included the Microsoft Windows XP had a few attacks from external malware parties during the first and second quarter of this year. The rate was between 12% and 20% but this was nothing compared to what may still come. Microsoft themselves reported that Windows XP’s infection rate may increase six times than this percentage.


How Did It Happen?

Microsoft Windows XP - Why You Should Never Use This OS AgainTo be exact, it was already 12 years ago when the Microsoft Windows XP was released. Tim Rains, the director of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing said that their company is proud of this software’s success in providing consumers their first experiences when the world was still discovering further technological innovation. Through this operating system, internet users increased from 360 million to more or less 2.4 billion people. However, Rains admitted that there will always come a point when old software as well as hardware will not have the capabilities to defend themselves against external threats – which are produced at this modern time. He elaborated by saying that in 2001, there were only more than a thousand malware that they know of. Today, unfortunately, that number is already in the millions.

Experts In Agreement

On the eighth day of April next year, there will be no more support for Microsoft Windows XP. Updates whether or not it is free and whether or not it is for security reasons will all stop. This means that after this day, any kind of cyber threat can easily breach and damage your computer. This is why Ken Pickering, director of CORE Security, suggested that internet users who still have Windows XP running their PCs should start updating now.

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    doesn´t really matter,, microsofts support is no existant anyway ,, the information on there site is wrong ,, twice this week i have sought help only to find information like ,, right click here and then click on “this” and when you right click the thing you are ment to click isn´t there,,the e-mail support is a waste of time and space spent about half an hour just trying to get an account,,, i think the term “microsoft support” should be made illegal,, advertising under false pretense,, they are always changing things for the worst,, still stop moaning ,,they don´t care,,they have your money already,,, i ´ve definitely had enough and will avoid microsoft in the future

    • Jaycee De Guzman
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      Hi Mike! Thank you for dropping-by. Have you tried calling their phone support?

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