Samsung Smart Ecosystem – Why The Tech Giant Is Supporting Developers

Jaycee De Guzman November 4, 2013 0
Samsung Smart Ecosystem – Why The Tech Giant Is Supporting Developers


One of the largest manufacturer of smart mobile phones and other devices is Samsung. Currently, the said electronics brand just hosted a large event for global innovators in the hope of creating a new and unique smart ecosystem for its devices. To be precise, the Samsung Developers’ Conference happened at San Franciso, California last October 28 to 29, 2013. It aimed to revitalize the existing content ecosystem that the company has and increase the provision for the developers and their resources.

Software Development Kit (SDK) And Others

Samsung Smart Ecosystem - Why The Tech Giant Is Supporting DevelopersSince 2008, Samsung Electronics has been supporting developers and it established a website that specifically focused on its own. Aside from this, the company also hosted a number of events just like the one that they did in San Francisco so that their developers can have a grounding venue to discuss their issues and latest innovations. The Software Development Kit or SDK was released mainly because of this too.


But what exactly do these people and inventors do when they are together? According to the official report, the Samsung Developers’ Conference consisted of 50 sessions wherein there are seven classifications that were discussed. These included mobile, television, games as well as other services which are exclusively offered by the company. Meanwhile, the presentation has a simple system. Developers from each category will have their own turn in introducing their latest developments and SDKs, of which their main objectives are, to improve the applications and services of the current as well as new electronic devices from Samsung.

Play And Connectivity Software Developments

To be specific, the electronics company was able to introduce two specific SDKs at their latest event. The first one is called the Samsung Group Play SDK which caters the users of any electronic device from the same company to listen to music or play games together. Not only that, it should also allow them to send as well as receive data if they are near each other. The second is the Samsung Connectivity SDK which concentrates on allowing users to connect to a particular network and access content – even if they are in different places altogether.

On the other hand, there are also some developments that the company is calling as the Samsung Smart TV SDK and Multi-screen SDK – which ultimately plan to expand Smart TV’s applications and its compatibility to mobile devices. Speaking of which, the company also introduced KNOX which is a security platform that protects data on phones.

At the Samsung Developers’ Conference, representatives from app developers, 1,300 B2B, media as well as partner brands have attended. Their goal is to interact with each other and create prospects for the smart devices that we have today.

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