Shades And Frames – The Launch Of Google Glass Accessories

Jaycee De Guzman November 4, 2013 0
Shades And Frames – The Launch Of Google Glass Accessories


A few months ago, Google invited at least 10,000 people to test its new wearable device called Google Glass. After some time, the company announced that it is now ready to increase that number. This is why they are allowing the 10,000 testers that they currently have to invite a maximum of three people who want to buy the said eyewear. It all started a couple of weeks ago and it is safe to say now that a lot of people have started talking about this gadget again. To be precise, the most recent news that we have heard is about the accessories that consumers can also add when they buy their own unit.

Customizable And Attachable

According to the website that is specifically focused about the Glass Explorers, there is new information showing how to charge the Google Glass and how it can be attached to shades and shield accessories. However, it seems that Google is not going to be the one who will specifically manufacture these. Reliable gadget reporters are saying that the company is instead planning on collaborating with other brands who are more capable of distributing these so called add-ons. In terms of charging the device, the website is showing that the same USB cable used when transferring photos and videos can be used to power it.


Glass 2’s New Sound Feature

Shades And Frames - The Launch Of Google Glass AccessoriesBefore anything else, consumers should know that Google has a new and improved version of its Glass. Called the Google Glass 2, any individual who is one of the 10,000 testers can immediately ask for an upgrade from the manufacturer. In relation to this, other information revealed on the website of Glass Explorers is the fact that the new version will be incorporated with mono earbuds which are attachable through a mini USB connector. Apparently, this is for the consumers who did not like the previous vibrating audio feature of the device.

Protective Frames And Shields

Again, according to the Glass Explorer website, Google will specifically be consorting with Maui Jim as well as Zeal Optics who will be manufacturing the optical accessories for the Google Glass. These include an attachable and detachable “sun glass shades” and protective shields. On the said website, consumers can refer to how these accessories can be incorporated with their electronic eyewear. When it comes to customized features, Google has also made a decision to allow the swapping of frames – especially for individuals who are highly conscious of their fashion statements.

Unfortunately, we still do not know the kinds of these accessories that consumers can buy and even the pricing information is also still lacking. The best thing to do is to keep our eyes open for more details that Google will release.

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