Social Media And iGoogle – Survival Of The Best Internet Service

Jaycee De Guzman November 4, 2013 0
Social Media And iGoogle – Survival Of The Best Internet Service


Have you ever heard of iGoogle? Of course you did. But did you ever use it? Unfortunately for all of us, only a few individuals have actually tried exploring Google’s own landing service. It was already more than one year since they announced that this personalized service will be closed but it was only last Friday when it finally happened. Unfortunately, iGoogle is not the only of service of the company which was so unpopular that it had to be eliminated from the scene. It includes the Google Reader which actually gained more attention than the landing service but is still as dead. The suspect, obviously, is none other than social media.

The Importance Of News Feed

If you can still remember, iGoogle is Google’s way of providing a customizable search page which can be incorporated with widgets, news feeds and other kinds of information that the user prefers to see and read in a day’s work. There is also My Yahoo and My MSN which offer almost similar features but since social media have become the leading internet source of different kinds of information when it comes to mass popularity, people will most likely join such websites. At present, Twitter is the one that journalists use when they want to let internet users know about the latest breaking news. On the other hand, half of the American people who use Facebook get their news from the said social network – even though most of it is admittedly accidental.


Customized Online Experience

Social Media And iGoogle - Survival Of The Best Internet ServiceWhen iGoogle was made available to the public, it was one of the services which first stepped to increase the importance and awareness of customizable online experiences. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can choose the information that would appear in your stream? Of course it would. The only thing is that it was still the social media that introduced the basic idea to all of us. With the overwhelming power of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, Google obviously had to cut its own service.

Almost a similar thing happened with Google Reader. Brian Shih, a former employee of the said service, suggested that the reason why it’s over is because it became a victim of the attempts made by Google to join the social media circle. For instance, it created Google Plus and integrated accounts to different services. Unfortunately, Plus is only Google’s way of unifying accounts which are active in its services like Gmail as well as YouTube. Evidently, making it compete against the other social networks is only useless. In the same way, it seems that both Google Reader and iGoogle did not fit quite well with the trend.

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