The Chromebook Pixel Is a Combination of Technology and Excellent Design

Sara Cunningham March 3, 2013 0

Google was very successful in designing the Chromebook Pixel. During its launch a week ago, it looked stunning with its very elegant design. Having a touchscreen laptop would mean the world to a non-Apple fanatic. Google managed to make a 12.85-inch laptop, one of the most sought after technology at present. It has already released a number of Chromebooks, but the Pixel has been the first ever creation of a touchscreen series.

The Chromebook Pixel is beautiful and that’s already a given. But now that it’s out in the market, feedbacks from the users are expected on how good the laptop works aside from its design. The laptop has two versions with two different price tags. The version with Wi-Fi has built-in 64GB memory and has the LTE broadband feature which costs a lot at a price of $1449. With its price, one can buy more than five laptops from other brands. While the Wi-Fi version with a lesser storage of 32GB costs $1299. The price can make a buyer think twice whether to grab one or never mind.

The Chromebook Pixel Is a Combination of Technology and Excellent Design

However, the Chromebook Pixel has a very exceptional screen that once the lid is up, it’s like it’s a different world in there. Google has admitted that the screen is more than what some of the websites need to display. Considering that it’s a touch screen, some of the websites just don’t have any touch input yet so this makes its touch screen feature non-sense. Nonetheless, its resolution is perfect and pays it forward. It has been reviewed too that the more expensive version makes it a lot easier to connect to the internet. The battery life is shorter too; when all the features of the laptop are working it makes the battery last for a maximum of five hours. The good thing is it provides you 1 terabyte of Google Drive storage and is free of charge until three years. Overall, the Pixel is a really good one. Google had a goal to combine software, hardware and design at its best in creating this laptop.

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