Finally – 540 Million Users And 300 Million Members of Google Plus

Jaycee De Guzman November 9, 2013 0
Finally – 540 Million Users And 300 Million Members of Google Plus


While there are Facebook and Twitter which are only two of the most popular social networks, there is also the Google Plus which is an original from the search engine brand. There was a slight bump in the road when this platform was made available to internet users but its developer maintained on innovating and making it more user-friendly. A few of the recent updates that Google incorporated include the photo, video features and Hangout services. This is fundamentally a strategy to increase Plus users even more.

Active Members

According to Google, it has an actively 540 million of internet users that visit its page on a monthly basis. Out of this number, 300 million are active members of Google Plus. Every week, there are 1.5 million photos that are being uploaded by these users which means that the community that Google has created is clearly growing in number and even faster than anyone could ever imagine. This statement is according to Vic Gundotra who is the senior vice president of the company’s engineering department.

Searching Images

As you can see, it is no that easy to find images on Google especially if there are 1.5 million being uploaded every week. The good thing is that this famous search engine has a special feature to ease the entire process. Through the recognition code, Gundotra explained that users can input text as well as voice in searching the objects that they need to acquire online. For the users’ information, Google can already recognize at least one thousand objects on the internet. It is still being developed so it could recognize more.


Image Features

Google Reported 540 Million Users And 300 Million Members of Google PlusOther than the previously mentioned, there is also an added feature that automatically applies enhancements for photos experiencing underexposure. However, if the user does not need this, he or she can also turn it off. When it comes to the specific services of Google Plus, it now has the capacity to stitch multiple images to create a strobe-effect on a digital photograph.

There is also an Eraser tool which the social network’s members can use to remove parts of the image that they do not want – such as a random passerby or unnecessary object that accidentally showed up when you took the shot. In terms of creating a movie, Plus members can also combine images and even add a free soundtrack. Meanwhile, a different feature called the Auto Awesome Movie can create a short film composed of short video clips.

Finally, the Hangouts by Google Plus also received some upgrades of its own. Now, video-chat can be done on a full screen mode in both mobile and desktop users. Even the lighting has an automatic detection that enhances the screen if needed.

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