Kindle Fire HDX Is Up For Grab In Stores

Jaycee De Guzman November 9, 2013 0
Kindle Fire HDX Is Up For Grab In Stores


A few days ago, Amazon finally started shipping its latest Kindle Fire HDX. Boasting 8.9 inches of diagonal screen size and two cameras which its predecessors did not have, there is no doubt that this device is respectably impressive. For one thing, it is just like Apple’s latest tablet when it comes to its thinness. Available at the Amazon store, interested consumers can buy this device for $379 which is $120 less than the iPad Air. However, just because the HDX is less expensive does not mean that it also has less premium features. Amazon made sure that consumers will also consider their latest device in terms of its specifications.

Screen And Display Features

Kindle Fire HDX Is Up For Grab In StoresThe most obvious difference between the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and Apple iPad Air is probably the screen and display features. Even though the HDX has a smaller diagonal screen size by one inch, it still has a better and widescreen aspect ratio which showcases thinner and longer displays. This is functional for watching movies and playing games on your tablet. And for your information, the size of movies on HDX and iPad Air are actually the same and, this time, we can safely say that the physical size does not always mean as an advantage. Also, if the consumers are only interested in the mentioned activities, then they can definitely achieve more even with a less expensive price.


Aside from the size, there is also a considerable difference between the device’s pixel density. The iPad Air only has 264 pixels per inch while the HDX has a larger 339 ppi – which puts HDX to another advantage. But if you don’t see the difference in watching videos between the two devices, you will definitely see them in reading texts. If that is the function that the consumers are more interested in using, they will notice a more defined text’s in Amazon’s tablet while the battery will have the capacity to last for a longer time.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the iPad Air’s battery is not that good. Actually, if you test them both through streaming movies over Wi-Fi, the HDX still could not outlive its competition. Generally, the battery is tolerable but it’s definitely not that great.

Primary And Secondary Cameras

Like we already mentioned, the Kindle Fire HDX now has a rear camera which its predecessor – the 7-inch Kindle – did not have before. Although it has 8 megapixels while the iPad Air only has 5, it does not mean that it is generally better. Rather, both devices only display what they’re good at. The HDX has lower noise and sharpness to its images while the iPad Air has the ability to display vibrant colors. Generally, the iPad Air still has better features but the HDX is definitely worth considering.

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