Microsoft Will Update Fixes For Windows And Internet Explorer

Jaycee De Guzman November 10, 2013 0
Microsoft Will Update Fixes For Windows And Internet Explorer


Microsoft is going to incorporate a total of eight updates regarding the security of the Windows operating system and Internet Explorer. This is to protect the vulnerable holes of the software and browser. In a report, is is mentioned that the company will also include supported editions of the Office suite. Unfortunately, it remains to be known that the company is not going to fix the glitch that was revealed last week and affected the Windows, Office and Lync platforms. According to a blog post by Dustin Childs, the spokesperson of the Microsoft Security Response Center, this latest update will not specifically include the Security Advisory 2896666 which appeared on Tuesday last week

Critical Updates

Microsoft Will Update Fixes For Windows And Internet ExplorerThere are two things that Microsoft lets its consumers know regarding the update that will be integrated its consumers’ devices. Among the eight, the three were regarded as critical by the company while the other five rated as important. According to the “four-step scoring system” which is applied to security threats, these two rates definitely need to be taken seriously.


First of all, the critically ranked update is the one that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. It will target all versions of Internet Explorer from version 6 – which will be retiring next year in April – to the latest 11 – which is the one used for the Windows 8.1 OS. According to a security expert, this should be the first updates that Microsoft consumers should do before anything else. Last October, Internet Explorer was praised because it is one of the browser applications which is always on top in terms of patches and updates. Because of the fact that it is being used worldwide, there are always chances that its users will go to a malicious website which can trigger security threats.

There are also critical updates that need to be carried out for all the supported versions of Windows. Called the Bulletin 2 and Bulletin 3, unfortunately, the company did not provide full information regarding the specific platforms which are going to be affected.

Important Updates

The important updates that Microsoft will incorporate will target the Office suite. Next week, the Bulletins 4 and 7 will repair the entire software and Outlook which is the company’s exclusive email client. The Bulletin 4 is expected to run on all Office versions – even the 2003 which will retire with XP on April, the 2013 which is the latest and the 2013 RT which is specifically made for tablets. For your information, since the January release of the Office 2013, it has already been patched thrice. This is its fourth.

The update will be on November 12 and will start at 10 AM PT (1 AM ET).

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