Microsoft Xbox One consoles will be on display at Microsoft retail stores, go ahead and start playing right away!

Alex Bezeau November 11, 2013 0
Microsoft Xbox One consoles will be on display at Microsoft retail stores, go ahead and start playing right away!


We know that the Xbox One will be hitting the market soon. Microsoft already confirmed the date to be November 22nd, so we all know how much longer we have to wait before we can get our hands on the Microsoft Xbox One.

But we have a small surprise for you today! If you do not want to wait for two weeks to try out the Xbox One, you do not have to. The good news is that the Microsoft Xbox One console will be on display at Microsoft retail stores and the company won’t mind if you come to its stores and shoot some monsters or rev some car engines on those Xbox One consoles.

So YES! You will be able to play your favorite games on the Xbox One consoles once they arrive in a retail store near you. This will definitely happen before the official availability date of 22nd November. The company is doing this simply to let Microsoft Xbox fans and consumers check out the new gaming console and spend some quality gaming time on it.

xbox one inside the box

Now if we have got you excited about this Microsoft Xbox One, it’s our job to give you the details as well. Microsoft will be offering these playable Xbox One consoles in more than 75 stores across Canada and the United States. So as of now, these are the only two regions to get the Xbox One consoles in retail stores. So if you happen to be in some other region, you will simply have to wait for the official launch day to arrive.

So if you are based in Canada or the United States, you can check out your nearest retail stores and see if the Xbox One has arrived. Right now, you will only be able to play one game on the console – Forza Motorsport 5! We are not sure if any other games will be available, but we will keep you posted.

We know that it’s just one game for now, but we still suggest that you check it out. In the process, you will also have enough time to check out the new controller, get used to it and also check out its improved vibration system. Do let us know about your experience with this new game and the new console and the new controller!

By the way, if you are really interested in the Microsoft Xbox One, we have a detailed post for the same. You can check out everything you want and will also be able to get acquainted with the specs and features of the Xbox One console. We have listed out all the games (exclusive as well as featured) for you as well.

So if you are not planning to leave your house right now and head to your nearest Microsoft retail store, we suggest you hit the below link and check out all the details about the Microsoft Xbox One.

Microsoft Xbox One

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