The Best And Worst Things About The ZTE Nubia 5 Smartphone

Jaycee De Guzman November 11, 2013 0
The Best And Worst Things About The ZTE Nubia 5 Smartphone


We all know that most ZTE smartphone handsets available today are usually mid-range or low-end devices. There are a few premium ones but not all of them are available in the United States. And so, when the China-based company unveiled the ZTE Nubia 5, a lot of people got excited. With its impressive spec sheet, it is not every day that we see something like this from ZTE. Plus, it is also reasonably priced at $449 for an unlocked model on Amazon. For consumers interested in owning this device, this review will provide the things that you need to know about this handset.

The Best And Worst Things About The ZTE Nubia 5 Smartphone

Physical Structure

The first thing that you can notice about the ZTE Nubia 5 is its design. Measuring 5.43 inches tall, 2.7 inches wide and 0.29 inches thick, it is made to look as premium as it can be. Designed with a rubber cover at the back and metal strips on the sides, the edge on top is also made to taper a little off. These details create a professional feel which is something that can considerably attract consumers since they also consider what their mobile phones should like in a general manner.


Camera And Display

The Best And Worst Things About The ZTE Nubia 5 SmartphoneAnother thing that you can consider about the ZTE Nubia 5 is its primary and secondary camera. The primary one which is at the back showcases 13 megapixels with some additional features like auto focus, LED flash, face detection, zoom and panorama. It can also capture videos of 1080p quality at 30 frames per second. Meanwhile, the web camera at the front has 2 megapixels which is definitely higher than what other premium smartphones can offer. It is functional for taking self-portraits and video chatting. On the other hand, the Nubia 5 also offers 5 inches of screen size capable of displaying images at 1020 x 1920 pixels. With an FHD IPS technology, consumers can expect that this smartphone can give a respectable viewing and user experience.

Technical Details

The other high-end smartphone that ZTE also released is the Sprint Vital. But comparing it to the latest one, it seems that there are a lot of things that the ZTE Nubia 5 was able to improve on. For instance, it has a faster dual-core processor which can also provide faster performance. In terms of the operating system, it contains the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean along with the built-in applications like Play Store, YouTube, Chrome, Plus and more. Unfortunately, the Nubia 5 does not have LTE connectivity. For some people, this is a definite deal-breaker which may lead them to look for other smartphones in the market.

Is the LTE connectivity a big deal for you? Are you considering the ZTE Nubia 5?

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