Important Things That You Should Know About The Xbox One

Jaycee De Guzman November 11, 2013 0
Important Things That You Should Know About The Xbox One


This week, a press preview for the Xbox One revealed that there actually more things the game console can do other than provide a legitimate gaming experience. On November 22, this console will be released in the market and for sure, it will be available in your favorite gadget stores. But before we rejoice about this upcoming device, let us first discuss the basic things that you need to know about it. It is true that this latest Xbox can do a lot of things if you look at the wider perspective but you should know that the little things about it should also be known to its users.

Television Time

For instance, consider Xbox One’s OneGuide feature. It does not just provide information about the available television listings that the users can watch because it can also be customized depending on their preference – in terms of their SkyDrive folders, viewing schedule and favorite television series. Apparently, it has the capabilities to display what we call “app channels” where users can browse through Netflix, Hulu and SkyDrive.


Media Selection

Important Things That You Should Know About The Xbox OneAnother thing that you should know is the Xbox Video Application. Through this, users can stream any kind of video that they have on their PCs – as long as it is supported by Windows 8 or 8.1 – to their Xbox One console. In one second, users can sync their computers with their gaming device. In one click, they can watch whatever they want. In the same way, this feature can also be used when the user is interested in playing music. Through Xbox Music, files from your personal computer will be sent to your game console and played through the said application. According to Albert Penello who is the Senior Director of Product Management at Microsoft, their media selection feature is not permanent – not because they are going to remove it but because they are still planning on improving it for the future.

External Devices

We already know that you are familiar with the HDMI port and how it works with the Xbox One but did you know that other external device can also be plugged through it? Although Penello admitted that you may experience lags and delays when using it, it is still very possible. If you are a consumer who does not make a big deal out of unnecessary pauses, then it means that watching the content of your Apple TV or even the Xbox 360 is going to be an enjoyable experience for you.

These are just the three basic things that can make your experience with the Xbox One more maximized and worthwhile. If you research around the internet, you will know that there are more things this game console can offer.

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