Microsoft to offer SIX months of free Skype service to Xbox One consumers, details included

Alex Bezeau November 12, 2013 0
Microsoft to offer SIX months of free Skype service to Xbox One consumers, details included


It seems that Microsoft has come up with a number of ways to attract consumers and add value to the products and services it offers. As one such step, Microsoft has confirmed that the company will be offering free Skype video calling and worldwide minutes to Xbox One consumers!

Yes, we know that you will be happy and excited about the free Skype video calling and worldwide minutes, but you need to know all the details first! Most importantly, this offer will only be available for Xbox One consumers who have subscribed for the Xbox Live Gold membership. Next, you need to know that Microsoft does not charge anything for regular video calls on Skype, but the company does charge $4.99 per month for group video calling i.e. with multiple people at the same time!

So as an added advantage of the Xbox Live Gold membership, you won’t have to pay $4.99 for six months. You will be able to make group video calls free of cost and will also get 100 worldwide minutes free ‘every month.’ So Xbox One consumers with a gold membership will also be able to call mobile phones and landlines in more than 50 countries for six months!

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By the way, you do not have to worry about getting the software either. Skype for Xbox One has been built into the console and can be used with the Kinect sensor that supports 1080p calling. And if you are already using Windows 8.1, you will be happy to know that Skype on the Xbox One will make you feel at home. This is because Microsoft has built in a variety of notifications for Skype calls into the Xbox One console that will remind you about the Windows 8.1 version. You will also get a pop-up windows for messages!

But the best part about Skype for Xbox One is that it makes the best use of the Kinect sensor. Skype will be able to automatically control the Kinect system and track calls by zooming and panning around a room if and when the caller moves. This shouldn’t be a surprise for consumers who are already familiar with Kinect, but we believe you will still love the experience.

So are you interested in checking out Skype for Xbox One? Or do you simply plan to get down to business and start playing some real games on the Microsoft Xbox One? But whatever be the case, you should know that the Microsoft Xbox Live Gold Membership has a lot to offer and you should check it out.

We have a detailed review about the Xbox One and the games and more. You will also be able to get a lot of information about the ‘Xbox Live Gold Membership’ in this post. So if you are interested in checking out all the details about the Xbox One, simply check this post.

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