Samsung Galaxy 4 Versus Other Smartphones’ Batteries

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Samsung Galaxy 4 Versus Other Smartphones’ Batteries


The battery capacity and battery life are only two of the most important features that consumers should check out when looking for a new mobile phone to buy. When it comes to manufacturing premium handsets, companies will make sure that the batteries they will incorporate in their devices are able to stay long enough for the consumer’s satisfaction. The Apple iPhone 5S, for instance, is considered as one of the fastest smartphones available but it seems that its speed is wearing down its battery juice. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy 4, it has a shorter life even in making calls and browsing the internet. A magazine conducted a test and if you want to know how your smartphone is doing, you better check this out.

High-End Battery Models

Samsung Galaxy 4 Versus Other Smartphones' BatteriesThe specific magazine which conducted the test used eight premium mobile phones which included handsets from the popular brands such as  Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry and Nokia. They tested the smartphones’ battery life depending on the amount of time spent making calls and browsing the internet. Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy 4 won in both categories while the iPhone 5S only made it on the fourth rank for call time and then seventh for browsing time.


On the other hand, the iPhone 5C which was the budget-friendly version of the 5S performed even poorer after being placed in seventh place in the first category and eighth on the second. The HTC One had a better battery juice in second and fourth places correspondingly while the Galaxy S4 Mini followed it on the third and second places of the same categories.

Factors Affecting Battery

For the information of all, the magazine tested the mobile devices using a “phone network simulator” wherein each smartphone is made to carry a single network provider and experimented on in one place. This is to be sure that all phones should have a similar signal strength – since it is one element which can greatly impact the battery juice. On the other hand, the magazine also considered other factors such as the brightness of the screen and conditioned batteries – or charging and discharging the batteries before the test – which they incorporated before continuously calling and regularly refreshing a 3G-powered web page throughout the test.


According to the final results, the Samsung Galaxy 4 lasted 17 hours and 31 minutes for the call category and 6 hours and 45 minutes for the browsing time. The Apple iPhone 5S only had 10 hours and 24 minutes and 4 hours and 14 minutes for the two respective categories. Even lower is the iPhone 5C which showcased a pretty close 9 hours and 34 minutes and 4 hours and 12 minutes in all.

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