The Mobile Processors of 2015 for Smartphones Will Be Better as Ever

Sara Cunningham March 5, 2013 0

There has been a big improvement in the processors that are being manufactured nowadays. High-end smartphones is the language of mobile device technology today. These handsets must be equipped with really fast processors to keep it at its level. Most of the processors running the new smartphones and even tablets today are made in 28nm and 32nm. These are considered to be very good processors, but mobile processors of 2015 are expected to be much faster and to be in a smaller nanometer level. It is confirmed that the smaller the value of the nanometer is, a lot more transistors could fit that will result in producing a powerful chip.

There have been speculations that later this year or early next year the processor produced will be in lesser nanometer values. It is rumored that mobile devices based on a 20nm or 22nm value will start its release not very long from now. Intel is one of the companies that produce these chips and is the middle of finalizing everything and getting ready for production. The company is even aiming to produce processors of 14nm value very soon. The mobile processors of 2015 are expected to have undergone from 14nm-16nm processes. ARM has been working with two other partners in making this plan work, even some companies like Samsung, IBM and TSMC are also in the development process.

The Mobile Processors of 2015 for Smartphones Will Be Better as Ever

ARM has introduced its 14nm wafer during the Mobile World Congress. The wafer underwent the silicon-on-insulator technology showing its IP at the same time. At the same time, one company exhibited one of the possible mobile processors of 2015; it was Global Foundries that technically used the 14nm XM process of producing chips. It possesses a dual-core Cortex-A9 core. Eventually, this plan will come into reality since the wafers presented are not yet usable and ready to market processors. The new generation of processors to be produced is aiming to make the mobile have an excellent battery life and low leakage rate to improve power.

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