Apple vs Samsung battle heats up again – Apple asks for $380 million, Samsung ready to pay only $52 million

Alex Bezeau November 15, 2013 1
Apple vs Samsung battle heats up again – Apple asks for $380 million, Samsung ready to pay only $52 million


Just another day in the world of technology, and just another fight between two of the biggest players in the technology world. Apple and Samsung are at in again, and even this time the battle heats up as always.

News that tells you about the fight between Apple and Samsung shouldn’t be a surprise. These two companies have been having problems with each other for a long time now. But if you are wondering what exactly happened, well it’s just an unfinished battle that caught fire again.

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For those who do not know yet, Samsung had to pay a total amount of $600 million to Apple due to the damages that had been caused by the Korean company to the American company. The amount was fixed at $600 million, but now Apple is demanding an additional amount of $380 million in damages from Samsung.

The reason is not clear yet but Samsung is not ready to pay this extra amount. So Apple says that the additional amount sums up to $380 million, but Samsung says that it should only be paying another $52 million. Samsung also added saying that Apple is demanding a lot more money than it has been entitled to and that its customers did not buy Samsung smartphones only because of the features that violated Apple patents.

Samsung defends itself and its products by saying that the company offers some of the best specs and features to consumers, and this is the main reason why they buy their products. The Korean smartphone manufacturer also listed out some of the specs and features that make their products stand out. They include 1080p resolutions, larger screens, removable batteries, 4G LTE connectivity, microSD card support and more.

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The case is still going on, and we need to wait and watch what happens. Both Apple and Samsung have been defending their sides and none of them are going to give up or back down. Samsung does have to pay a specific amount of compensation to Apple as damages, but we don’t know what the additional amount will sum up to.

Whatever be the case, this is one battle that everyone is excited about. Personally we would prefer that these two technology giants stop fighting and start making the world a better and faster place to live in. And we really hope to see this happen in the near future.

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  1. Steve Blackwell  November 16, 2013 at 8:30 am - Reply

    It’s unfortunate that innovators are forced to spend so much of their time and energy in court defending what should be protected under patent laws. Asian companies such as Samsung are well aware that stealing intellectual property has little consequence. Any potential risk resulting from an import or sales ban is negated by the length of time it takes to get a final judgment. After two year of litigation, the offending product is often obsolete. Even a large award of ~$1 Billion for patent infringement is not sufficient to be a deterrent for a multi-national corporation that makes more than that in a week. Even if the award was $20 Billion, it is a small price to pay to secure a major market position. Did they “slavishly copy” Apple products? Sure they did; stealing is what they do best and they are thumbing their noses at Apple, patent laws, and the global courts. Everyone that buys a product from a company like Samsung is supporting this behaviour.

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