Dropbox For Business – A New File-Sharing Platform

Jaycee De Guzman November 15, 2013 0
Dropbox For Business – A New File-Sharing Platform


There are numerous ways which internet users can upload their documents and files online and in the Dropbox file-hosting service is only one of them. Recently, it is reported that this service is planning on taking advantage of the growing number of its members by creating a new platform and building a new product that will serve businesses in terms of their “workflow processes”. Last Wednesday, the company announced what it is calling as the Dropbox For Business – which is a paid file-hosting service that can enable business users to restrict the sharing and add information technology control. These two things will aim to keep online data safe for the company and internet users at all times.

Competing Against Amazon And Google

Dropbox For Business - A New File-Sharing PlatformAside from Dropbox, there are also other file-hosting services which are available on the internet such as the ones offered by Amazon and Google. This means that the Dropbox For Business is competing against the already available services of these two websites. Meanwhile, Amazon also announced last Wednesday its new feature called WorkSpaces which caters desktop computing through cloud memory.


Basically, the Dropbox For Business is a way for the company to help both big and small businesses simplify the sharing and transferring of files – specifically work files. This was achieved by Dropbox after it eliminated the need to use the FTP or File Transfer Protocol, risky flash drives, risky attachments through email and some external servers. At the headquarters in San Francisco, California, Chief Executive Officer Drew Houston said in a statement that they have already thought about all the things that internet users will need in the future.

Status, Pricing And Other Technical Details

As of right now, Dropbox For Business is still in beta mode and is only being used by a few number of businesses for testing. Its worldwide launch will be in January next year with a price range that will start at $795 a year. According to experts, this new service is an ambitious enterprise that Dropbox is going to undertake. However, the company is positive in rebuilding the regular version of the file-hosting service as a part of its development and improvement.

It is safe to say that companies as users of Dropbox continually increased in the years since it was established. In the year 2011, it only has 1 million company users which in 2012 increased to 2 million in total. This year, Houston is confident when he said that they already have 4 million company users in all. This makes businesses the main source of a portion of Dropbox’s income. In total, the file-hosting service has 200 million internet users.

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