Pandora Offers Up to 40 Hours of Radio Streaming Service for Free

Sara Cunningham March 5, 2013 0
Pandora Offers Up to 40 Hours of Radio Streaming Service for Free

Pandora – a service for radio streaming has confirmed today that it will release a different radio streaming experience with new rates. For someone to continue enjoying its services, a certain amount of charge has to be paid. There are two types of services with different charge rates. It’s the user’s prerogative to choose the one with the higher rate but with better services. Some users can also stay as a non-paying user but with limited access to the program.

The Pandora service gives everyone the right to use its services for free. A non-paying user can still enjoy the streaming but has a limited access of 40 hours every month. After the consumption of the allotted number of hours, the user will then be given an invitation to avail of the program for less than a dollar. It will also offer another royalty rate which is the premium package. The premium package will give the user the comfort of using the service anytime and even forever. The package will allow unlimited access to music without advertisements and has an option to listen through the desktop with no limits.

Pandora Offers Up to 40 Hours of Radio Streaming Service for Free

The Pandora subscribers will receive a notification that its subscription is about to reach its limit. But this case is rare to happen because a study has been made on an average user. A normal user of the service can only consume nearly 20 hours of the service. The service maintained its paid packages that it led to a federal legislation a year ago that wasn’t successfully approved. This is in relation to the Internet Radio Fairness Act, which could have decreased the service rates of the program. Last December, the company was reported to have more than $2 million net income in the last third quarter.

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