Toshiba Satellite Click – The Hybrid Electronic Device

Jaycee De Guzman November 16, 2013 0
Toshiba Satellite Click – The Hybrid Electronic Device


Hybrid electronic devices are still a new idea both for the manufacturers and consumers of gadgets. It has mixed reviews in terms of its functionality, physical build and efficiently when being used. For some people, it needs more promotion and user-friendly interface to be the next trending devices. Meanwhile, the Toshiba Satellite Click is a hybrid device which competes against other manufacturers like HP, Lenovo and Acer. It has a $649.99 price at the manufacturer’s official store but Best Buy offers a much more affordable $599.99 price. As an entry-level laptop and tablet in one device, let us take a look at Satellite Click and see what it has to offer the consumers.

Toshiba Satellite Click - The Hybrid Electronic Device

The Advantages

It should be obvious but the first advantage of the Toshiba Satellite Click is that it is inexpensive. Considering its features, it is fairly priced which mean that it would appeal to the greater masses. But aside from the price, another respectable thing about the Satellite Click is that it is supported by the Windows 8 operating system. Although it is not a perfect software in general, it provides the necessary applications that the users will need in their daily lives. Lastly, as a hybrid, the Satellite Click’s keyboard is pretty comfortable to use. It is flat and the keys are easy to discern from others. Its dock connector offers a variety of ports and you can charge the devices even if they are not connected with each other.


The Disadvantages

Toshiba Satellite Click - The Hybrid Electronic DeviceIn this world, nothing is perfect. The Toshiba Satellite Click, even with its specifications that clearly stood out from the crows, still needs some improvements on its own. For one thing, it has a short battery life. According to the spec sheet, this hybrid packed a 2-cell Lithium Ion which can only last for more or less 4 hours of average use. Even though the tablet and the base both have charging ports, it won’t be easy for users to use the Satellite Click if they are always required to power their device. This also raises the issue of portability into question. Aside from the battery, the Satellite Click looks bulky at first glance. It measures 13.0 x 9.1 x 0.98 inches and weighs 4.84 lbs. Overall, it could do better.

The Bottom Line

If you have enough money to cater the price of the Toshiba Satellite Click, buying it would be a worthy investment. In a general perspective, it will not be the next laptop or tablet that will peak the charts but it is definitely something worth trying especially for the budget-conscious consumers.

Are you convinced with the Toshiba Satellite Click?

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