Samsung Confirms to Release Over 40 Million Handsets This Year

Sara Cunningham March 2, 2013 0
Samsung Confirms to Release Over 40 Million Handsets This Year

Samsung has gone a very long way in the world of Smartphones and tablets. The company assures the consumers that there will be no stopping in creating new devices for the whole world this year and in the future. The company has been very successful and is planning to expand its success to provide growth in their business. At the Mobile World Congress, it announced its latest phone tablet; it is a smartphone and a tablet in one. They call it the Galaxy Note 8. It is also considered as the main rival for existing gadgets like Kindle Fire HD and iPad Mini.

Samsung Confirms to Release Over 40 Million Handsets This Year

The company has surveyed and stated that this year and the coming years, there will be a decrease in the demand for smartphones. People are now trying to maximize what the modern technology can offer. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone; the phone tablet is a phone and a portable computer in one. Samsung already has its high reputation in creating the world’s famous tablets, like the Galaxy Note 10.1, the Samsung Galaxy Tablets and the latest which is the Galaxy Note 8. The company has remained to be the leading manufacturer of handsets that fits different types of people in the market.

This year, Samsung is looking forward to release another 40 million handsets and more. This is a confirmation by Y.H. Lee, the executive vice president of the company’s mobile unit. The company has made brilliant sales in the year 2012 but did not reveal any figure yet. Analysts have speculations that last year’s sales should be about 20 million. The first days of the tablet market weren’t easy for the company. The company kept going even if the sales weren’t good in the first years, and now it has made a great impact to the world. The Galaxy Note 8 is an 8-inch tablet which is a phone and a tablet at the same time is expected to hit the numbers.

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