AT&T is now offering the Apple iPhone 5S and Nokia Lumia 1520 for a discounted price of $99, get yours now!

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We have some really good news for AT&T consumers who are currently planning to change their smartphone or simply get a new one. AT&T is offering the Apple iPhone 5S and Nokia Lumia 1520 for a discounted price of $99 only! This is one of the best offers you can get on these two high-end devices, so you better hurry up and get one for yourself!

By the way, before we get into the details, we want you to know that the Apple iPhone 5S and Nokia Lumia 1520 are not the only smartphones to get a heavy price discount. The list is much bigger and we have it for you here. So if you are not interested in the Apple iPhone 5S or the Nokia Lumia 1520 (really?), then you can also choose any of the devices we have mentioned below.

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To keep it simple, we will just list out all the smartphones offered by AT&T along with the starting price at which these devices are offered. If you want to check out other variants of these smartphones (meaning the ones with higher internal storage), then you can check out all the details in the link provided at the bottom of the post.

  • Apple iPhone 5S (16GB) – $99.99
  • Apple iPhone 5C (16GB) – $49.99
  • Apple iPhone 4S (16GB) – $24.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – $99.99
  • Nokia Lumia 1520 – $99.99
  • Nokia Lumia 920 – $0.49
  • Blackberry Z10 – $0.49

Apple iPhone 5S
AT&T is offering the 16GB version of Apple iPhone 5S for a discounted price of $99.99. But the other two variants, 32GB and 64GB are still available on their regular prices of $299 and $399. So if you really want to save a lot of money, you know which model you have to choose.

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Apple iPhone 5C
AT&T is also offering the 16GB version of Apple iPhone 5C for a discounted price of $49 and the 32GB is available for $99. By the way, if it did not click to you, AT&T is offering a huge discount of $150 on the 32GB version of Apple iPhone 5C.

High-end phablets
AT&T offers 3 high-end phablets, one of which runs on Windows Phone 8 OS whereas the other 2 run on Android. The 3 phablets we are talking about is the Nokia Lumia 1520, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One Max. But out of these, AT&T is only offering a good discount on the Nokia Lumia 1520. You can pre-order the phablet only for $99 and can expect shipment by the 19th of November.

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Just so that you do not have to jump to the link for the details, take a look at the price tags that each of these phablets carry.

  • Nokia Lumia 1520 – $99
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – $299
  • HTC One Max – $249

We think we have covered all the interesting deals offered by AT&T. Now its your turn to simply head to the main source and place your order and save a lot of money. So go ahead, check out the source link provided below and let us know which smartphone or phablet interests you the most.


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