HTC Desire L – Taking Mid-Range Handsets On A Different Level

Jaycee De Guzman November 18, 2013 0
HTC Desire L – Taking Mid-Range Handsets On A Different Level


Desire is only one of the lineups of the mobile phones manufactured by the Taiwanese-native company called HTC. One of the good things about this lineup is that it has both premium and mid-range handsets to offer consumers around the world. One of the mid-range devices is the HTC Desire L which this article is going to review today. With the basic HTC identity, it is crafted to also cater the other needs of consumers in terms of display, software, applications, performance, battery and durability in a mobile phone. For more information about the handset, you can continue reading below.

HTC Desire L - Taking Mid-Range Handsets On A Different Level

Structure, Display Settings And Hardware

First of all, The HTC Desire L measures 128 mm x 66.9 mm x 8.9 mm and weighs 118 grams. We cannot say that this smartphone is heavy or light because, sometimes, preferences regarding dimensions and weight are more personal. In any case, the Desire L is a smartphone that looks the part and, as a mid-range handset, it also has 4.3 inches of diagonal screen size. It is supported by the Super LCD2 technology and exhibits 800 x 480 pixels of screen resolution – which may or may not be enough for some individuals and experts. In terms of the hardware options, the Desire L packs a dual-core processor integrated with its own graphical interface. The clock speed, unfortunately, is only at 1.0 GHz. The RAM, positively, comes in 1 GB while the internal storage is 4 GB. Finally, with the 1800 mAh battery capacity, this smartphone can last up to 10 hours of talk time.


Software, Applications And Connectivity

HTC Desire L - Taking Mid-Range Handsets On A Different LevelIn terms of the internal features, the HTC Desire L is powered by a Google Android operating system with an integrated user interface courtesy of the HTC Sense. This means that along with the Android applications such as Chrome, Gmail, Plus and Maps, HTC also has its own set of applications that is only exclusive under its name. Meanwhile, another software support that we need to consider is that fact that this smartphone has an incorporated Beats Audio – which means that this can be perfect for music lovers everywhere. The camera at the back has 5 megapixels and, with the HTC Imagechip, users can take photos under one second. Finally, the Desire L has connectivity options which include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS navigation.

Weighing The Advantages And Drawbacks

If you think that the HTC Desire L is a good mobile handset even with a few drawbacks on the road, then it means that it fits well with your lifestyle. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the announcement about when it will be available in the United States market.

Did the HTC Desire L catch your attention?

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