Samsung Ativ S Neo – Sprint’s Mid-Range Windows Phone Handset

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Samsung Ativ S Neo – Sprint’s Mid-Range Windows Phone Handset


If you want an affordable mobile phone but with enough features and specifications that can fit in your lifestyle, the Samsung Ativ S Neo is one of the handsets which you can check out. Exclusively distributed by Sprint, its price starts from $29.99 to $499.99 on Amazon. It has the Windows Phone operating system while its build is loosely based on Samsung’s own Galaxy S4. Hence, you will see the same square-like shape and glossy chassis. Given these physical descriptions, will the Ativ S Neo be able to deliver impressive performance and service to its users? Let us find out.

Samsung Ativ S Neo - Sprint’s Mid-Range Windows Phone Handset

Software And Camera Feature

Like we said, the Samsung Ativ S Neo is supported by the Windows Phone 8 which means that it has all the Microsoft mobile perks and advantages. For instance, it has the Samsung Link, Scout Navigator, Mini Diary, Xbox Live integration and the Kid’s Corner as its additional applications. In terms of the camera, it also has the Shooting Modes application where users can launch the entire photo-taking features of the phone like HDR. If you want more applications which you can install, you can visit the Marketplace and select those free and paid services that you like.


Speaking of the camera, the Ativ S Neo packs an 8 MP camera at the back and 1.2 MP at the front. It features autofocus, LED flash, HD Recording and HD Playback among others. Compared to other mid-range mobile handsets, this one can take photos with clear vibrancy and detail that all consumers love.

Physical Build And Performance

Samsung Ativ S Neo - Sprint’s Mid-Range Windows Phone HandsetThere is no question that the Samsung Ativ S Neo is a respectable handset. But once you hold it, you will notice that it weighs a little heavier than most handsets which are available in the market. Measuring 5.33 inches x 2.72 inches x 0.36 inches and weighing 5.08 ounces, Samsung should have incorporated a lighter build for better portability. On the other hand, when it comes to performing graphically demanding tasks, the Atic S Neo is slightly experiencing difficulties in catering speed. There are some delays and pauses that users may experience when they buy this device. Luckily, this handset’s battery capacity of 2000 mAh can last up to a pretty respectable 15 hours of talk time.

A Reasonable Mid-Range Handset

You can say that the Samsung Ativ S Neo is not the best mobile phone that Sprint is distributing. It has its own advantages but it also has a few drawbacks which can break the consumer’s decision. In any way, the Ativ S Neo is comfortably affordable and, more importantly, it has the basic features that we need in a mobile phone.

Is the Samsung Ativ S Neo a competitive handset?

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