Sony successfully sold 1 million PlayStation 4 units in 24 hours; received an overwhelming response from US consumers

Heidi Speare November 19, 2013 0
Sony successfully sold 1 million PlayStation 4 units in 24 hours; received an overwhelming response from US consumers


We have great news for US based Sony fans and consumers who have been waiting for (as well as those who have already bought) the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console. Sony was successfully able to sell 1 million units of its next-gen gaming console in just 24 hours!

We all knew that the Sony PlayStation 4 was coming before the holiday season. And as a matter of fact, Sony officially launched the Sony PlayStation 4 in the United States on the 15th of November, which was a part of the worldwide launch.

The good news is that the PlayStation 4 console has received a positive response from gamers and consumers all around the world. Sony shared its PlayStation 4 sales figures just 3 days after the official launch date. The company confirmed the fact that it was able to sell more than 1 million units of the Sony PlayStation 4 in North America! This definitely is a big number and it keeps on increasing as you read.

PS4 - 2

Sony has been quite happy with this response, and expects the same to happen in Europe and Latin America on the 29th of November. Andrew House, the CEO and President of Sony also greeted the team and encouraged them to keep up the same spirit. “We are extremely grateful for the passion of PlayStation fans and thank them for their continued support,” he said.

The Problem!
But there was a small problem as well; some of the fans and consumers received defective units of the Sony PlayStation 4! Even Sony has admitted that out of the total sales, about 0.04% of units sold in the United States were defective. The problem was mostly spotted in PS4 consoles that were shipped to consumers before the official launch event.

Due to some hardware related problem, the Sony PlayStation 4 console has been giving a lot of problems with the HDMI port. Consumers have reported that the HDMI port suddenly stops working and completely interrupts video output. The only way to fix this problem would be to get the main console replaced.

The Fix!
So if you happen to be one of those consumers who are facing this particular problem or any other problem related to hardware, you do not need to worry! Sony is here to help and will fix the problem for you so that you can continue enjoying your time on the PS4 console.

We are sure that Sony will look into the problem and come up with a quick fix for the same. The company will definitely help you solve your problem and this is also the best time to make use of the 1-year warranty you get with the console.

Sony will soon be offering the PlayStation 4 console in a number of other regions; the next-gen gaming console will be making an international debut on November 29. We just hope that this problem does not come up again because it might negatively affect sales. It’s Sony’s job to ensure that consumers get the best of products with the quality and assurance they deserve. The company has already taken a note of the HDMI port problem and will ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

So have you already bought the Sony PlayStation 4 console? If not, are you planning to buy the console when it will be available in your region? Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One – what do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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