The SpaceTop 3D Will Bring Mankind to the Virtual World of Computers

Sara Cunningham March 4, 2013 0

In Los Angeles at the TED Conference, a different innovation was presented. A computer that is transparent was presented and will allow the users to touch and reach deep into the inside of the device. According to Jinha Lee, one of the representatives of TED, it is called the SpaceTop 3D computer. TED and Microsoft are in partnership in developing the computer. The features of this computer will let the physical world interact with the virtual world of computers. According to the BBC, it would be a great stepping stone for mankind to be able to do a used to be unimaginable thing.

The SpaceTop 3D Will Bring Mankind to the Virtual World of Computers

The SpaceTop 3D is said to be finalized and will be in the market in a span of 10 years but not more. The computer’s initial design is to have a transparent LED display with a number of cameras installed to keep track and follow the actions of the user. A touchpad is also available for use just in case the user is not satisfied with the hand gestures. The company emphasized that the goal is to get inside the computer system to have better and faster results. But, it seems like it will be having a hard time to convince the market patronize such kind of product.

The designer of the SpaceTop 3D, Mr. Lee is also currently working on television interface with Samsung Electronics. He is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also made mention of any product that are in the middle of their studies just like the magic ball. The magic ball is a typical ball that can stay in the middle of the air. The ball is said to be using electromagnetism to be able to stay in midair, but will still have software with some partner applications.  He also mentioned a virtual shopping application for online stores that will allow its customers to try the products before buying. In the technology that the world is enjoying today, it has made computers really close to mankind than before.

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