PS4 Press Release Update!

Alex Bezeau February 3, 2013 0


Sony has something big planned for the Playstation franchise this February 20th, and everything points to the unveiling of the new PS4. So what could this mean for the next generation console war?

What it will mostly mean is Sony getting the drop on it’s main competitor Microsoft and the Xbox guys over there. While I am not saying that Nintendo and the Wii U are going to be irrelevant, comparing the system to whatever the PS4 or next gen Xbox turns out to be is like comparing a hawk to a penguin. The Wii U has a completely different niche than the PS4; Xbox, on the other hand, has a little more at stake here.



Last console war the Xbox 360 won handily thanks to a few different factors working in it’s favor. Not the least of which was the earlier release date than the PS3. This year the tides seem to be turning. Sony may just be able to inch out ahead of the big show Microsoft is putting on in June where they might possibly unveil the next gen Xbox. Getting the jump on the Xbox company will do wonders to put the PS4 ahead.


Rumors also speculate that with such an early reveal that the PS4 might be on shelves this year. It is being touted to have a lot more power behind it than anything this or maybe even next generation. It is also hinted at that the console will be packaged with a few more social aspects as well as a new design for the controller. Giving some more credence to the rumor that Sony did away with the Dualshock design.


It’s a pretty safe bet that all these questions will be answered come the 20th. I for one am excited to see just what Sony has in store for us this year and the upcoming console generation.

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